Obama Tried to Force THIS Discussion in Kenya; Their Leader Shut Him Down

The Obama administration has focused on small groups of people (gays, blacks, hispanics, uninsured) and forgotten the majority who are still hurting from lack of good jobs, stagnant wages, and an ongoing radical Islamic battle. It’s easier to fool the people with the circus rather than making profound changes that help all of us.

This weekend Obama tried “gay rights policy” while speaking to the Kenyan people. Their leader pushed back in a huge way.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, whose country has suffered a spate of attacks by al Shabaab militants, welcomed the united stance on security, but he also made it clear Kenya did not see eye-to-eye on all matters with Obama. He said gay rights were not “foremost on the minds” of Kenyans.

“There are some things that we must admit we don’t share – our culture, our societies don’t accept,” Kenyatta said.

Hey Barack, you cannot “chide” Kenyans about an non-existent gay rights policy, they have a different conditions there than we have here. They are dealing with an AIDS epidemic that you cannot even comprehend because it’s something that would never happen here. Yes, we have plenty of people with AIDS here but nothing even remotely like on a scale that they have.

Kenyans want to know about investment and business opportunities to take their people out of their miserable lives, and Obama went to talk about equal rights for the “Caitlyns.” Yeah that’s exactly what they needed Obama. I don’t see the Kenyans wanting to start a gay pride movement to make people forget about the rest of their problems, and I don’t see it as the responsibility of the U.S. to “chide” anyone about it.

Watch the Kenyan leader respond to Obama in this video clip:

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H/T: Washington Times, Politico

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