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This Poll Spells DOOM for Obama’s Legacy and Black Lives Matter!

obama poll

While Republicans spend the week in Cleveland, Ohio nominating conservative businessman Donald J. Trump to be the GOP standard bearer, Barack Obama just got terrible news!

Obama and his puppets in the liberal media love to use the term “post-racial presidency,” and they like to pretend that Obama has “healed the nation.” Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter extremists advocate the killing of white police officers and call America a “racist nation.”

It turns out, Obama is WRONG. His legacy is in major danger, and this latest poll proves he has done nothing to fix America:

Almost 9 in 10 American voters now see racial discrimination as a problem in the United States, a Monmouth University Poll released Tuesday found.

The poll, conducted after the fatal police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota and the deaths of five Dallas police officers, showed that 87 percent of voters nationwide consider racial and ethnic discrimination to be a problem in the United States. More than two-thirds, 68 percent, consider it to be a big problem.

When voters were polled in January 2015, 81 percent saw racial and ethnic discrimination as a problem, but only 51 percent said it was a big problem.

Obama has done nothing to help the black community. In fact, his radical socialist policies have only harmed black Americans the black families.

America is more divided than ever by the Divider-in-Chief, who looks for excuses to curtail our gun rights, silence free speech, or attack Christians instead of uniting the country.

And it looks like Black Lives Matter is going to have a hard time convincing 90% of all Americans to come together!

What do you think? Is racial discrimination worse after 7 years of Obama? Share your comments below!