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MSNBC Guest Blames Obama For Leaving Democratic Party ‘In Tatters’

Nick Givas on August 25, 2017

Associate editor of “Commentary” magazine Noah Rothman called on former President Barack Obama to reenter the public eye to help save the Democratic Party, despite leaving it “in tatters.”

The Friday “Morning Joe” panel in which Rothman participated discussed a New York Times piece that asked why Obama was keeping a low profile at a time when there is a growing need for stable leadership.

“He has a reputation to rehabilitate. He left the Democratic Party in tatters and he has to help reestablish that,” Rothamn said.

The magazine editor also rejected the notion that it would be in poor taste for Obama to get involved in public policy, and branded Republicans as hypocritical for wanting him to stay out of the fray.

“The notion that the will of the voter would be disrespected in this sense is frankly something that Democrats would reject when Republicans felt the precise same way in 2009 and 2010. They felt like things were going off the rails, and somebody had to speak up about it,” Rothman said.

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  • Obozo & his group fighting Trump (OFA) are going to be in for a rude awakening when Trump drains the swamp! Then his gay, Muslim ass will be sent to prison for all his crimes including pedophilia. Hanging would be too good for him!

  • Trump was elected because of Obama and Hilary was him all over again. Glad to see the party hasn't gotten any smarter. Obama is not about to show his mug anywhere with all that is going on related to the new scandals involving his administration, found daily. Hillary lays low also but that is easy snakes slither on their bellies anyway. They bring Obama into this and their party will disintegrate faster than a seltzer tablet in spring water.

  • Obama is a fake, and, that fact the liberal left conspired to hide from us, or those not smart enough to pick it up. Obama also supports and promotes globalism/communism; he loves the UN (who relish taking America's money while condemning us). The dems are now liberal, leftist globalist bend on converting all thru violence and/ or brain washing of our youth and young. They make no sense or have no logic and rely on emotions to intimidate or scare people that just don't know or care to; while collecting much money pretending they care about us.
    Much of the violence now and rioting is supported by communist groups hoping to convey that all America feels as they do----President Trump and America is bad. Funny thing, if America was communist (not yet) then they would not even be allowed to protest as they do; not smart enough to figure this one out, yet again.

  • Obama the illegal Muslim destroyed the Democrat Party and now the idiots want him to lead. Truly Liberalism is what smart looks like to stupid people.

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