Obama Administration Official Caught Lying about His Military Record

An Obama Administration official has admitted to lying about his military service. Robert McDonald, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs told a veteran that he served in the US Army’s special forces in January. The conversation was filmed by CBS News.

McDonald served in the 82nd Airborne Division. While he earned a Ranger tab, he never actually served as a Ranger or any other special forces unit. McDonald apologized.

Appointed last July, McDonald received some harsh words from a special forces commander for fudging his service record.

“It was wrong,” said retired Army Col. Gary Bloomberg, a former senior special forces commander who had not seen the video before being contacted by The Huffington Post. When he first watched it, Bloomberg said, “I thought, ‘What a boneheaded statement — is this what we want from our senior government officials?’”


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H/T: The Hill

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