Oath Keepers Swarm Ferguson for One Specific Reason snd Liberals Are Crying Foul

Four white men carrying military-style rifles and sidearms added a disquieting element to riot-torn Ferguson, Missouri, when they began patrolling the streets before dawn on Tuesday. Police quickly labeled it “inflammatory.”


This group of men called themselves “Oath Keepers” and describes themselves as a non-partisan association of current and former U.S. soldiers, police, and first responders aimed to protect the U.S. Constitution.

The demonstrators, agitators, terrorists in Ferguson — whatever name you want to call them at this point — would just love to continue with their lawless crime spree using the excuse of a dead thug. Meanwhile, the Oath Keepers want to calm and stabilize the situation in Ferguson.

I would venture to say that these Oath Keepers do not have extensive criminal records that would prohibit them from carrying these weapons.


The men told reporters they were licensed to carry firearms. A voter-backed 2014 amendment to the state constitution cleared the way for open carrying of licensed firearms, so long as they are not used in a threatening manner, legal experts said.

Well, I say fantastic! Former and current police officers and U.S. soldiers who joined together to defend the U.S. Constitution is being referred to by the Southern Law and Poverty nuts as a “fiercely anti-government, militaristic group.” Can anything be more upside-down?

Also, what is this celebration of the “anniversary” of Michael Brown’s death? He attacked a police officer and was shot. And this is the reason to protest and attack the town making it unsafe for people? It’s an ignorant way to relive the tragic story of a law enforcement officer who lost his job and faced ridicule and accusations because he DID HIS JOB?

In this video, an Oath Keeper was explaining why they were in town and he was met with disrespect from an older man who was using his “white guilt.” But he was set straight quickly. Watch (NSFW):


Even Obama’s DOJ with its anti-police agenda cleared him. Enough already.

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