How would you react if someone tossed what appeared to be a bomb into the front seat of your car?

Most of us would likely throw the thing back out as quickly as possible without thinking of the consequences.

But two NYPD officers, who actually did have such a device launched into their car, demonstrated why the men and women who wear blue are very much not like most people – they’re more willing to sacrifice their own lives for the safety of others.

Those officers – Sgt. Hameed Armani and Officer Peter Cybulski – are being hailed as “heroes of the city” for their reaction to having a suspected bomb (it later turned out to be fake) thrown into their police car.

Upon determining that the device was an explosive, the pair drove it away from Times Square in an attempt to get it away from as many civilians as possible.

“We’re gonna go, but I’m not going to have anybody else go with us,” Armani thought.

Via ABC News:

When a passing driver hurled a flashing, clicking object into their police van in Times Square, it looked like danger to Sgt. Hameed Armani and Officer Peter Cybulski.

“Boss, this is a bomb,” Cybulski said.

But rather than run to safety, Armani hit the gas, determined to get the device away from the crowds.

“We’re gonna go, but I’m not going to have anybody else go with us,” he thought.

The partners were hailed for their quick-thinking courage Thursday after the dramatic episode, which evolved into an overnight police standoff with the man suspected of tossing the object, later revealed to be a harmless fake.

The ‘bomb’ was later determined to be a candle attached to electrical components and wrapped in cloth. But in the heat of the moment, it sure looked real enough to be an explosive device.

Police Commissioner William Bratton hailed the pair as “heroes of this city.”

He said they “put their own lives at risk so that they could save potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of people in Times Square.”

Incredible! Thank you Sgt. Hameed Armani and Officer Peter Cybulski!

Comment: Do you think these officers are ‘heroes of the city’ for what they did? If so, leave them a note of thanks in the comments section.

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