Congressman Devin Nunes said that members of Robert Mueller’s investigative team will be subject to “criminal referrals in the coming weeks.”

Nunes: “Criminal Referrals In The Coming Weeks”

Nunes, the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, said that the Republicans in Congress are broadening their investigation as the scandal relating to the unmasking and mistreatment of General Michael Flynn goes on.

“We’ve also expanded our investigation into the Mueller team and everything that happened with Mueller and the people at DOJ and FBI that were above Mueller,” Nunes told Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett. “And so, we will be making criminal referrals in the coming weeks against the Mueller team. We’re just now putting that together and, of course, as always, waiting on more documents that we really need to come out.”

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Will Anything Actually Come Of This?

However, writing in the Daily Wire, Ashe Schow pointed out the unfortunate truth – that the likelihood that anything will come of this is “minimal”:

Remember that Michael Avenatti and Julie Swetnick received criminal referrals for falsely accusing then-Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh of being a teenage rapist. Nothing has come of those referrals. Nunes also sent eight criminal referrals to the Department of Justice last year, yet nothing has been done so far. Attorney General William Barr, however, has appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate the misconduct of officials involved in the Mueller investigation. That probe is still ongoing.

I would be inclined to agree with Schow. As much as I would love the corrupt Democrats and leftists involved in framing the President as a Russian asset to have their day in court, it is very unlikely that will happen. The Deep State still has too much power and sway over the system in DC, and they wouldn’t want any of their pawns to serve jail time. As much as I want the Mueller team, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden to be put in front of a jury, I’ll believe it when I see it, and not a second earlier.