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Number of Illegals Trying to Cross U.S. Border Every Day Hits 13-Year High

Jason Hopkins on March 26, 2019

Daily border crossings of illegal migrants over the past month have surpassed a daily average not seen since fiscal year 2006, stark evidence of the escalating situation at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers apprehended or stopped 3,974 illegal migrants on March 19, marking the single highest day since Present Donald Trump entered office, according to CBP data obtained by NBC News. There have been six other days in February where crossings surpassed 3,595, topping the 3,530 daily average seen in fiscal year 2006.

These seven days, which took place over just the past six weeks, are all the highest on record since the beginning of the Trump administration.

The latest numbers are not totally surprising. Illegal immigrant apprehensions have been steadily rising this year, and the Department of Homeland Security predicted total apprehensions in March would reach a high not seen in over ten years. The spring months typically witness greater rates of illegal migrants as more people are willing to make the trek across Mexico during the warmer weather.

The high number of migrant apprehensions at the U.S southern border has been garnering public attention. Border Patrol agents working near El Paso, Texas, for example, reported catching over 430 illegal immigrants over a period of just five minutes on March 19.

The type of immigrants seeking to enter the U.S. illegally are different from what was experienced in the late 1990s and early 2000s, many of whom during that period were adult Mexican nationals. The vast majority of illegals apprehended at the border today are families, and most of them are from Central America. Out of the 3,834 illegal migrants the CBP encountered on March 12, the majority of them (2,022) were members of a family unit.

The new demographics make it difficult for immigration enforcement officials to quickly deport them, leaving detention centers overwhelmed.

A spokeswoman for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed earlier in March that her agency has been forced to relieve overcrowded detainment centers by releasing 107,000 illegal immigrants in the past three months — a number that averages to over 1,000 illegals a day.

The flood of asylum requests and border crossings forced the El Paso Border Patrol sector to temporarily close its highway checkpoints. The checkpoint agents who typically check cross-border cargo for drugs are instead being redeployed to process the influx of asylum seekers.

The situation brings credence to President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration. The administration is using the emergency crisis to allocate billions in funds for border wall construction. Congressional Democrats, for their part, have heavily opposed Trump’s moves, passing a resolution through the House and Senate that condemns the declaration.

However, Trump vetoed the resolution, and Democratic attempts to override his veto failed in the House on Tuesday.

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  • eingriff, not GoldMagnet758:

    The proposal for amendment should make findings and propound suggestions for interpretation, which would not be part of the constitutional text. I’ll discuss possible suggestions upon request posted to website awlmj.com

    Also, Putin plans to annihilate the American populace with neutron bomb attacks through Iran and North Korea. This must be taken into account, too. Trump's executive order demanding a study of EMP attacks suggests he's way behind the curve. The threat is now pre-emptive neutron bomb attacks by ICBM. Whoever strikes first wins. Who doesn't, dies, without material damage to structures and equipment beyond EMP effects, which can be managed by invaders as the move in and plow the dead under for fertilizer.

    I keep propounding this message to public officials, but, dumber than dirt, they ignore it.

  • He got 2 from my state, TN. Corker is now, blessedly, GONE. Waiting for that RINO, Alexander, to finish his term so we can get a true conservative in there.

  • eingriff, not GoldMagnet758:

    Restore the draft. All persons of military age in the United States of America, with specified exceptions such as foreign diplomatic personnel and other visa-holders, should be subject to compulsory military service. Compulsory military service will make the United States a far less desirable migration goal. Enlist migrants who qualify into the American military. They might be useful in the invasion of Venezuela and otherwise. Honorable military service can be and often is a path to American citizenship.

    Amend the 14th Amendment to eliminate citizenship based solely on birth in the United States and the acquisition of constitutional rights based solely on presence in the United States. These are major incentives to immigration. Section One of the 14th Amendment should be amended to read as follows (new and substituted words in brackets, excised words in parentheses):
    "Amendment XIV Section 1 All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, [whose parents were citizens on the date of such birth,] are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any (person) [citizen] of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any (person) [citizen] within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

  • Admin, this is eingriff not GoldMagnet758:

    Appropriate the entire flow of the Rio Grande. Divert a substantial part into a channel parallel to the American Canal for irrigation and other purposes. Let the excess run into the new canal. Purported environmental concerns must not be allowed to hinder the defense plans. Land acquisition costs should be slim to none. Leave the Mexicans to their own devices in finding alternative sources of fresh water, they’re so flamin’ smart. They’ve worked against American interests; now America can work against theirs.

    As the land for the Canal and other purposes would be taken under the war power, no compensation would be required. But compensation if nevertheless given could be in the form of war bonds or federal lands in the West. Since 85% of land in the West is (unfairly) held by the Federal Government, there should be plenty to go around.

    Put America under martial law. Terminate diplomatic relations with Mexico for the duration. Expropriate all Mexican assets in the USA.

  • Pres. Trump needs to kick this in high gear. Everyone of these invaders need to be bused back where they belong. Congress is a joke and they all need to go. Their first priority is to protect the country and it's American Citizens not ILLEGALS. As for the people that are assisting these people also need to be arrested and charged with sedition or treason and it doesn't matter who they are. America wake up or we will lose our Great Country, vote Pres. Trump 2020, MAGA!! Dems are out to destroy our country and way of life. All for Greed and Power.

  • The organizers of these "caravans" aren't stupid. The word is out that our Congress will do nothing to curb the illegals coming into our country by the hundreds. they will kill Innocent Americans, mostly young people, and the Democrats can take credit for every death that occurs. I recently saw a brochure in the Mexican Embassy here in Houston, explaining, in Spanish, how to get into the US, and how to qualify for all the benefits that are now available to them. The Mexican government is helping these people get into our country. Every one of the illegals that send money back to Mexico improves the economic situation there. It's money that is forever gone. the question is; how many Americans killed by these people will it take to make Congress do something constructive to help the American people they are supposed to represent???

  • Shut off the faucet on all freebies and no jobs for illegals. Make them stay on the Mexican side of the border. This is so ridiculous that we are being invaded by foreign countries and no one does anything to stop them. Get that damn wall built asap! Bring in the military and toughen penalties for coming in illegally. No other country puts up with this crap!

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