Not a Joke: Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus Elects a Man to Chair Organization

The party of ‘women’s rights’ must think very little of women, since they seem to be replacing female specific roles with men who pretend to be women. 

Case in point; The Rev. Donnie Anderson, a 75-year-old man who tells people he is a woman, was elected in an uncontested race to be the face and chair of the Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus, taking the outdated adage “never send a woman to do a man’s job” to a whole new extreme.

Given that we’re talking about the Democratic Party in the year 2023 though, this shouldn’t be a surprise at all. On the caucus’ own website, they make it clear that “women” aren’t even real— anyone can be a woman if you believe enough one can guess.

According to their mission statement, the organization’s purpose is to “impact government and political processes in order to ensure equality in power, influence, and economic status for those who identify as and with women.”

Right there, “identify as” is the root of this weird situation.

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Too Woke to be a Joke

When Anderson was campaigning for the position, the choices were pretty clear no matter how he chose to phrase it; either vote for him and be a real progressive or be labeled a bigot.

“If you choose me to be your next executive, you will make a statement to the world about my community,” Anderson said while campaigning. “I don’t want you to vote for me because I am transgender, please don’t do that. And I hope you won’t vote against me because I am transgender either.”

There’s the rub, where do you place yourself and decide what to do if you just wanted an actual, biological women, who lives with genuine challenges that are unique to women, do advance women’s causes in this women’s caucus?

In an interview between Breitbart and political strategist Natasha Chart regarding Anderson’s new role in the women’s organization, she stated that “it’s always sad when yet another women’s group is pressured into letting a transvestite take over senior leadership, out of fear they’ll be called bigots for not pretending to think he’s a women.” 

For those that don’t think this is a problem, that the ‘erasing’ of women from women’s roles is just a conspiracy put up by conservatives as an excuse to bar trans people from participating in certain roles or institutions, one only needs to look at what the pro-LGBTQ+ movement has done to women’s sports.

NCAA All-American swimmer Riley Gaines was labeled as not just being transphobic, but also many other nasty names when she spoke out against a man being awarded NCAA Woman of the Year award after defeating other female athletes for a national title.

Female athletes are having to legally fight for opportunities meant for female athletes to go to female athletes instead of biological men. The issue of young girls having to share changing rooms and sleeping spaces with older, biological men pretending to be women is also a serious concern progressives attempt to water down. It was only last August when a 25-year-old trans cheerleader choked out a 17-year-old girl at a cheerleading camp.

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Not All Women Are Equal

Anderson’s agenda to push his radically progressive ideology into every facet of society seems to have been on a role. Not only was Anderson installed as a pastor local church in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where they promote Gender Identity ideology which is counter to Christian teachings, but Anderson’s new plan for the Women’s Caucus involves areas outside of women’s issues.

During a protest of a panel discussion conducted by the Independent Women’s Network at a local library, Anderson said to those walking to the event that what they were doing was harmful to trans people, and that there was a “limit to free speech.”

The panel discussion, titled “What Your Kids Learn About Gender in School,” discussed the efforts by the LGBTQ+ lobby to push transgenderism and other controversial education materials onto school children, such as the attempts to remove the terms “male” and “female” from sexual education material as seen in the recent situation in Texas.

Anderson claimed that the Network was “recruiting people to be part of legislative efforts that will make it harder for our children to realize who they are and be who they are,” going as far as to say that “children are going to die.”

When commenting on Anderson’s stances, Natasha Chart told Breitbart “It takes a lot of nerve to be a 75-year-old grandfather campaigning to sterilize young children on the basis of unsubstantiated suicide threats.”

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