Texas School District Drops Radical Sex Ed Curriculum After Parents Discover What’s Inside

Parents have scored another victory in the fight against sexually explicit sexual education curriculums, this time in the Fort Worth Independent School District.

On January 27, the district superintendent, Angélica Ramsey, notified parents that after backlash to a proposed sex ed curriculum in the spring, that there would not be “an approved, adopted, or recommended Human Sexuality Curriculum for the 2022-2023 school year.”

The issue began last year, when according to a report from The Epoch Times, “Fort Worth ISD approved the $2.6 million purchase of digital-only instructional materials from HealthSmart, a California-based company,” whom the district had been contracting with since 2014.

According to an investigation by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, parents were in an uproar when it was discovered that the new sex ed curriculum would be teaching gender ideology and progressive sexual narratives such as gender fluidity, as well as the removal “male” and “female” when referring to physiological terms in the learning material.

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Not Your Dad’s Sex Ed Class

Not only was the school district attempting to quietly place this material in front of students, but upon further inspection it became clear to those whom had taken a look at it, including Pat Hardy, a member of the State Board of Education, that the material inside of the updated HealthSmart curriculum did not meet the education requirements for the state of Texas.

For example, according to The Epoch Times Texas law states that materials must use “the anatomy and physiology terms of male and female in its teaching requirements.” Right there the HealthSmart curriculum was ineligible since it uses the terms “body with a vagina” and “body with a penis,” completely removing biological gender.

Additionally, the material also taught a form of “affirmative consent” instead of proper refusal skills for establishing physical boundaries with sexual partners.

During a school board meeting last week, more than two dozen parents attended in order to speak out against the implementation of this new curriculum.

One parent, Kathryn Pompa, a registered nurse, was one of the parents who looked at the material and decided it was too out of line for students.

“In the curriculum, gender identity ideology is woven throughout all lessons, and it includes terms and graphic images that may not be appropriate for children,” said Pompa.

She continued to point at that the “curriculum denies scientific truth and does not rightly teach how sex is determined at conception but instead promulgates politicized language that sex is arbitrarily assigned by another human at birth.”

Additionally, Pompa claimed that gender identity ideology creates “confusion in the name of inclusion which is disingenuous and a tactic for indoctrination.”

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The Culture War’s Newest Campaign

Since the lockdowns of 2020, parents across the country have taken an increased look at to what has been occurring inside of their children’s classroom.

From the controversial fights against Critical Race Theory that captured the attention of the nation as parents began to call out school board members for creating a racially divisive environment, to the opposition of the ‘woke’ attempts to eliminate the basic truth that boys are boys and girls are girls, Americans are waking up to the fact that our next generation isn’t being prepared to be individuals who think for themselves, but instead are being indoctrinated into radical progressive ideologies.

This struggle which parents are encountering used to be sidelined as a ‘culture war’ issue not worthy of national attention, but over the last few election cycles it has become more and more apparent that it is a top ticket issue for voting parents.

In a recent piece from The Political Insider’s Kat Anderson, she noted that Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign has paid close attention to this trend, particularly how on a electoral scale the issue of parental right’s in their children’s education helped Republicans flip Virginia from blue to red for the first time in nearly a decade, especially in a non-general election year.

“Perhaps taking a cue from Governor Glenn Youngkin’s 2021 victory in Virginia,” Anderson explained, “the former POTUS is coming out strong in support of parents and against everyone else who thinks they know better about what our children need.”

During his recent speech during a campaign stop in South Carolina, Trump made it clear that fighting CRT and Gender Ideology in education would be a top goal of his.

“We’re going to stop the left wing radical racists and perverts who are trying to indoctrinate our youth,” said Trump. “And we’re going to get their Marxists hands off our children.”

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