North Korea’s President Kim Jung-un promised he was going to produce big results over the weekend.

Many thought he was going to test a nuclear weapon. Others thought it would be in reference to a huge new sky rise apartment building that turned out not to have hot water. Either way, nothing happened and a former British Foreign Secretary has a good idea why.

Sir Malcolm Rifkind just dropped a bombshell that the U.S. was behind the latest failed launch. That topic was tapped on over the Sunday talk shows but nobody from the Trump Administration bit on the question. Even Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. Farland said she had no comment but it did “fizzle.”

Source: Zero Hedge

In light of the recent NYT report that the US has been able to sabotage and remotely control North Korean launches for years courtesy of cyberattacks, we previosuly wondered if the US did not play at least a minor role in this attempted, but failed, launch.

And now, as The Sun reports, Sir Malcolm Rifkind claims American intelligence has used cyber warfare to successfully foil missile tests before and that there is a “strong belief” that President Trump’s administration was behind North Korea’s latest failed launch.

Speaking with the BBC, he said:

“It could have failed because the system is not competent enough to make it work, but there is a very strong belief that the US through cyber methods has been successful on several occasions in interrupting these sorts of tests and making them fail.”

Rifkind also warned against Americans getting over confident with North Korea and their incompetence. “They are an advanced country when it comes to their nuclear weapons programme. That still remains a fact – a hard fact,” said Rifkind.

If President Trump was able to take down this missile launch without firing a weapon or dropping a bomb, that only shows just how much this leader is enacting his military strength over our enemies and now they have to worry on all fronts how America will defend itself.

What do you think about Rifkind’s story? Do you think America fiddled with North Korea’s test system? Share your comments below and let me know what you think.

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