North America Goes South: The Plan To Dismantle The USA

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By Frank Miele for RealClearPolitics

People are starting to realize that the collapse of the American border is not an accident. It can’t be. When the vice president of the United States says the border is “secure” at the same time that illegal border crossings have surged to more than a million a year, then one of two things must be true.

Either the vice president and the rest of the Biden administration have to be delusional, or they are lying. And while there is plenty of evidence that President Biden is cognitively challenged, there is no reason to believe that he or his handlers are out of touch with reality.

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So they must be lying. But why? A lie is usually told to cover up some kind of bad behavior, some unacknowledged guilt or secretive misdeeds. Yet if there were an ulterior motive behind the Democratic policy of importing millions of unvetted immigrants into the interior of the country, what could it possibly be?

Unfortunately, there was no way to determine what the Biden administration was up to – until now. Two weeks ago, we learned that Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken is actively engaged in a campaign to break down all barriers between the United States and Mexico.

In other words, the huge influx of Mexicans and other foreigners across the U.S. border is just the first stage in a globalist effort to blur the lines between not just the United States and Mexico, but also Canada.

It’s called the North American Union, and the idea has been around for three decades. I wrote about it extensively between 2006 and 2008 when President George W. Bush was pushing it.

In a March 2007 column, I snarkily suggested that Bush’s visit to Mexico was something of a homecoming:

[W]hen President Bush held a joint news conference with Mexico’s President Calderon, it is not surprising that he forgot for a moment — just a moment — that the United States and Mexico are still nominally independent. Thus, in recounting his work with Calderon, Bush noted that, “We discussed ways to make our nation safer.” He immediately corrected himself, and changed it to “both nations safer,” but the cat was already out of the bag.

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Of course, I was called a “right-wing conspiracy theorist” because that is so much easier than debating the facts, but the North American Union isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s a concept that’s been promoted by globalists since at least the early 1990s, and was spurred by the apparent success of the European Union.

Bush was an enthusiastic advocate of developing a strategic alliance between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Indeed, it was during a March 2005 summit at Bush’s Texas ranch that the leaders of the three countries agreed to create a Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.

This was followed within two months by a Council on Foreign Relations white paper called “Building a North American Community.” The core of the proposal can be found in one sentence in the introduction that describe the shared mission of Mexico, Canada, and the United States:

Our economic focus should be on the creation of a common economic space that expands economic opportunities for all people in the region, a space in which trade, capital, and people flow freely.

That idea never went away; it just went underground, and it emerged last month when Blinken quietly proposed to the president of Mexico that it was time to start working toward “consolidation” of the continent.

Now the Biden policy of permitting unlimited entry to the United States across the southern border starts to make sense. It is just the first step in “Building a North American Community” – namely, “people flowing freely” across borders. But for now the free flow of people only goes in one direction.

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That’s because, as long as the United States has a thriving economy, a safe environment, and a well-educated population, there is no way to sell the idea of a continental union to the American people. Take it from George Bush. He certainly tried.

But once you envision the collapse of the U.S. border as an intentional strategy rather than incompetence, it all starts to make sense. Think of it as a plan to first devalue the United States by importing crime, drugs, and cheap workers, so that when the North American Union is ultimately proposed, it will be more palatable.

After all, the cartels will already be controlling large swaths of both countries by then, and large streams of the U.S. economy will have been drained into Mexico.

You would think the national media would have an interest in such a monumental story, but you would be wrong. The only crack in the wall of disinterest came on Oct. 14 when Tucker Carlson interviewed Rep. Matt Gaetz about a Sept. 12 meeting between Blinken and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Carlson played a clip of Lopez Obrador speaking last month at his press conference following the annual session of the U.S.-Mexico High-Level Economic Dialogue:

I think that Mr. Blinken spoke about consolidating the region of North America, and we agree on that. We are also in favor of the unity of the entire North American continent like the way the first European Community emerged and converted into the European Union.

“That’s what we want,” the Mexican leader concluded.

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Well, that’s no surprise. It would be hugely beneficial to a developing country like Mexico to be on equal footing with the United States. It is also no surprise that Blinken has been silent on the matter, despite being pressed by Rep. Gaetz for an explanation of what arrangement had been proposed to Mexico that would lead to a North American Union.

In his letter to Blinken, Gaetz paraphrased additional remarks by Lopez Obrador saying that he and Blinken had a further “discussion of a regional constitution to be carried out in furtherance of an economic agenda, indicating such features as open borders, shared technology, and the distribution of oil.”

If that’s true, then it is more vital than ever to elect a Republican Congress on Nov. 8. Not only is our economy on the line, but our very sovereignty as well.

Thanks to Lopez Obrador, the duplicity of the Biden administration is out in the open, but except for Matt Gaetz and Tucker Carlson, does anyone care? It’s easy to pretend everything is normal, that presidents always work for the best interest of their citizens, but Bush, Obama, and Biden all prove that is not true.

And when you look at some of the priorities of the Biden administration, you begin to see even more evidence that our nominal leaders have been plotting to use policy decisions at home as a way to grease the skids for eventual acceptance of a North American Union, and perhaps even a hemispheric alliance.

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The Inter-American Dialogue is an international think tank dedicated to increasing conversation and alliances between countries in the Western Hemisphere. In a Sept. 22, 2022, post, the Dialogue wrote their own story about the Sept. 12 meeting between Blinken and Lopez Obrador.

This report sheds considerable light on the ulterior motive behind two recent “accomplishments” of the Biden administration as additional stepping stones toward a North American Union:

The U.S. delegation focused its agenda on two recently enacted U.S. laws: the $280 billion Chips and Science Act, which fosters semiconductor manufacturing, and the Inflation Reduction Act, which the administration hopes will advance cooperation in the renewable energy sector in Mexico.

You are probably surprised that these two expensive new laws, which were sold as important legislation to restore and protect the U.S. economy, are actually being used by the Biden administration to push more development in Mexico. It turns out that Building Back Better means “Building Back Together.”

Michael C. Camuñez, former U.S. assistant secretary of commerce and principal architect of the U.S.-Mexico High-Level Economic Dialogue, said that “The passage of the CHIPS and IRA bills now creates an urgent and compelling reason for the HLED to kick into action. In short, the HLED may finally be realizing its highest potential, helping the United States and Mexico to advance a truly strategic economic and trade agenda.”

Where that will lead is anyone’s guess, but what we know for sure is that the news media won’t be asking any questions and Secretary Blinken won’t be giving any answers. Let the globalist games begin.

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