Famous Actor Scott Baio Responds to Nordstrom Dropping Ivanka Trump’s Merchandise


Far-left comedian and “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah attacked Baio over his support for Ivanka Trump, but Baio had the last word on Twitter:

Famous actor Scott Baio, a Trump supporter, wasn’t happy when Ivanka Trump was dumped by Nordstrom. The liberal media pretends the move was due to poor sales, but we know it’s all about politics.

Ivanka had her products at these stores for years, and yet they were suddenly dropped just weeks after President Donald J. Trump entered the White House. The timing is more than simple coincidence.

Nordstrom is now reciving backlash for their shameful decision, and it’s hurting them financially. Today, Baio joined the anti-Nordstrom cause and promised never to shop there again.

Nordstrom Ivanka Trump

He tweeted out a copy of his credit card bill which shows the thousands he and his family has spent there. He spent $30,062.16 at Nordstrom in 2016 alone.

Nordstrom should be allowed to sell or pull any item hey wish. But customers have a right to react accordingly.

Ivanka Trump is a classy First Daughter, and deserves better treatment than this.

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