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NFL Star Gave These Kids $300 for Christmas if They Promised to Buy Gifts for Family First

NFL Christmas Gift

The National Football League should be proud of Delanie Walker and the work he’s doing for his community.

His charity meets with young kids and works with them to show them love and how committed a sports superstar can be to their lives. He makes them feel important and privileged.

Walker brought in 20 kids at the Nashville YMCA and gave them a great Christmas. He took them to eat pizza, but the biggest surprise came when Walker gave all the kids $300!

But… the money came with one rule.

NFL Christmas Gift

NFL Christmas Gift

NFL Christmas Gift

From Liftable:

The 32-year-old Pomona, California, native is a big man at 6 feet 2 inches tall and 250 pounds. He is really huge … at the Nashville YMCA.

That’s where 20 kids found out they were taking part in “Delanie’s Holiday Night Out.” He made sure that these kids were going to have a night to remember and a Christmas that included some presents.

It started with pizza at Old Chicago Pizza where the kids got to make there own pie. With their bellies full, they shuffled off to Dick’s Sporting Goods where a surprise shopping spree took place.

Each kid was allowed to spend $300 but not without a bit of a stipulation placed by Walker. “You’ve got brothers and sisters…buy for your Mom and Dad first,” he said.

This no doubt will teach the kids a beautiful lesson, and the one to thank for that will be Delanie Walker. He will also have a place in their hearts and they will always remember him for such a great gesture.

What did you think about this story and as a parent, do you think these kids got the message Walker was trying to teach them?

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