New York Times Columnist, Activists Urge Democrat Voters To Move To Georgia And Vote In Senate Runoffs

Georgia Senate Runoffs

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman and a Democrat activist urged party members to move to Georgia and register to vote in the two runoff U.S. Senate races in January.

The runoffs – between Republican Sen. David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff and between Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock – will determine which party has control of the Senate.

Friedman, in an appearance Tuesday night on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” argued that Republicans retaining control of the Senate and forcing divided government would not be good for the country.

“I hope everybody moves to Georgia, you know, in the next month or two, registers to vote, and votes for these two Democratic senators,” he told Cuomo.

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More Democrat Activists Are Encouraging Democrats to Move to Georgia and Vote in the Senate Runoff

Tamara Stevens, a Democrat activist with the Handmaids Coalition of Georgia, urged Democrats to essentially do the same thing.

Stevens was responding to a tweet by a man named Dylan Matt, in which he wrote: “There are no length of residency requirements in Georgia, so if you have just moved here you can register to vote on day one.”

She replied, “Hey all you Northern Democrats! You are all invited to spend the Winter in Georgia! Come on down and we will cook for you too!”

Stevens added that they need to “start ramping up productions and get those West Coast Liberals here too!”

Biden surrogate and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang announced that he would personally be moving to Georgia to “help Ossoff and Warnock win.”

“The best thing we could do for Joe is to get him a Democratic Senate,” he tweeted.

“There should be coordination of resources. Everyone who campaigned for Joe should get ready to head to Georgia. I’ll go,” Yang announced. “It’s the only way to sideline Mitch and give Joe a unified government.”

Yang did not say whether he planned to register to vote in the state.

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Is It Legal to Move to Georgia And Vote Immediately?

Moving to Georgia to register to vote in the January 5th elections is not illegal, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Voters, however, would have to do so and be registered by December 7th for the runoffs.

They would also “have to stay in the state for a while or risk getting into trouble.”

The definition of “for a while” remains unclear.

Still, the WSJ reports that “a sudden influx of new residents could have some impact on what are expected to be close Senate runoff elections.”

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