New Super PAC Just Launched The Most PERFECT Attack On Hillary (Must See Video!)

Hillary Clinton

A new Republican Super PAC took to the airwaves Wednesday, targeting Hillary Clinton with an attack on her handling of Libya. This comes a week after Clinton spoke before the House Select Committee on Benghazi and the media claimed victory after eleven grueling hours of testimony.

The ad below shows video of Clinton testifying on October 22, saying, “I was responsible for working on the policy, both before and after the end of the Gadhafi regime,” as the narrator cuts in, saying, “Responsible for a disaster. More threats. More war.” The narrator concludes, “At least Hillary’s record doesn’t lie.”

While watching this very information hard-hitting ad, you will notice Clinton’s approach to policy in Libya, pointing to the power vacuum that was left after then-Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown.

According to CNN:

Future45 — a reference to electing the 45th president — compliments other GOP outside groups, such as America Rising, that have trained their fire on Clinton while Republicans battle to win the nomination.

After the 2012 presidential race, many Republicans felt they had missed an opportunity to keep the pressure on President Barack Obama during the prolonged GOP primary fight. This year, they’re hoping to avoid the same mistakes.

“Secretary Clinton’s testimony last week confirmed what people have long suspected — that she is in fact the architect of the failed foreign policies of the Obama administration that have left America less secure and the world more dangerous,” said Dan Conston, a senior adviser for the group. “Future45 will continue holding Secretary Clinton accountable and will work to educate the American people on why it would be a mistake to give her a promotion.”

Here’s the ad:

After watching this video, do you think it will resonate with many voters? What do you think Hillary will do when she sees this?

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