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Minnesota and New Mexico in Play

Trump’s re-election prospects also appear to be improving in New Mexico. Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale tweeted on Tuesday that over 45,000 people had registered for the president’s rally there, with 94 percent of those people being from the state. Perhaps even more interesting was the fact that  48 percent of rally attendees were women and 40 percent were Latino.

Not a bad turnout for the President in the traditionally blue state.


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Trump’s campaign is actively pursuing voters in New Mexico in 2020, where the President lost by 8 points to Hillary Clinton in 2016. The director of the nonpartisan group Viante New Mexico, Rhiannon Samuel, told a local news outlet that she believes New Mexico is winnable for Trump, adding that it “has been known to be a bellwether state.”

Dems Have Lost Touch

There is a view among many voters that the Democratic Party has lost touch and often seems too extreme. McClatchy reported last week that swing-district Democrats are alienating more people than the party might realize. McClathy observed, “Like many Democratic candidates in competitive down-ballot races, [Democrat candidate Sri Preston] Kulkarni’s relatively moderate message and agenda are at times wildly at odds from some of his party’s leading contenders for the White House ⁠— particularly progressives Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.”

Democratic operatives and consultants now worry some of the presidential candidates will hurt the party overall on the down ballot, putting keeping control of the House or taking the Senate in danger.

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Will the Democratic Nominee Need a ‘Crash Course?’

One Democratic strategist reportedly told McClatchy that the eventual nominee would need “a crash course” in how to “frame their message alongside what’s happening at the presidential ticket.”

A crash course indeed. Obviously all of this is terrible news for Democrats–and great for Donald Trump.

Democrats have long behaved as if this was their race to lose. Whether that’s actually true or not, reports coming out of a couple blue states shows they might lose it either way.

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