— KRIS 6 News (@KRIS6News) July 8, 2019

One Mexican government worker expressed that the president “should focus on the people instead of being compassionate with the migrants who come from other countries. He should support the (Mexican) people. And the others? Well, let their governments take care of their own people.”

According to AP, 61.5 percent of those polled support cracking down on the migrants and only 33 percent opposed such policies.

The AP also noted that López Obrador’s approval rating has remained high, at about 66 to 72 percent, after he decided to get tough on the caravans in response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s tariff threat.

“A few days ago we were able to overcome a possible economic and political crisis, by means of an immigration agreement that requires us to be stricter in enforcing immigration laws,” López Obrador said. “We have established a relationship of respect and friendship with the people and government of the United States and this has allowed us to avoid confrontation that wouldn’t benefit anyone.”

Nor are these attitudes among Mexicans necessarily new. From 2018:

Mexicans Value Their National Sovereignty

Not only has President Trump’s pressure on Mexico worked, but that country’s citizens obviously also value their national sovereignty as much as anyone else anywhere in the world.

Millions of Americans have cried out for someone to do something about the illegal immigration problem for many years, and now President Trump finally is.

It’s no surprise Mexicans would support their president for doing something about it too.