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New Poll: Trump Leading All Democratic Candidates Among Independents

According to the latest IBD-TIPP’s October poll, President Trump is receiving increased support from independent voters and holding an edge with the demographic over Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

The particular IBD/TIPP Poll was taken between September 26 and October 3 and includes the results of 900 adults (including a “subset” of 341 Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents).

It Was Only A Matter Of Time — New Poll Shows Trump Approval Hitting Record High

In a hypothetical general election matchup, Warren barely beats Trump, within the margin of error — 48 percent to 46 percent, but with independents, Trump leads Warren by six percentage points, 49 percent to 43 percent.


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Also in this poll, Sanders surpasses Trump in a general matchup 49 to 46 percent but loses to Trump with the independents 49 percent to 46 percent.

Independent voters see what the Democrats are up to. Unemployment is at 3.5 percent – a 50 year low. And all the Democrats and the “enemedia” can do is scream “impeach!”

Imagine what the polls would be if the enemedia news coverage was remotely fair and balanced? He’d be at 80 percent+ approval overall.

I don’t think Warren has a shot in a Republican-led state. Can you imagine her turning a Republican state blue? A Northeast liberal fake Native American wannabe? The economy and full employment are too good to chance on higher taxes, open borders, and free stuff for illegals. Trump will win 35-40 states at a minimum.

He’s A Loser! Trump Rips Romney, Says the Utah Senator Is ‘So Bad for Republicans!’

What Democrats don’t realize is that Americans don’t like socialism, welfare for illegals, and hyper-partisan coups against duly elected Presidents? Who would have thought?

In 2016, the right was on fire, while Democrats and Hillary Clinton were asleep at the wheel, trying to phone it in. To me, it feels like the shoe is on the other foot for 2020. I’ve never seen leftists this insane, and you better believe that’s going to translate to votes.

Fifty-percent of Americans votes in elections. Half of all Republicans, half Democrats. So you can imagine if 100 percent of Republicans voted in any given election, we’d win in a landslide every time. Unfortunately, the same is true of Democrats. If 2016 proved anything, it’s that energy matters.

The most important thing is for Republicans to understand the severity of Democrats taking over the White House again and what it would mean for our country. If Trump is gone in 2020, there is no other Republican like him, with his fire and patriotism for the country. He’s America First, while the other politicians allow globalism to line their pockets after they’ve been in office for over four years. The fire goes out in most of them that were on fire for the American people when they were elected.

Independent voters decide elections. You don’t have to be a Conservative to understand what a train wreck the Democrats have become. Apparently, Independents aren’t into Socialism.

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