A new poll shows that voters would rather see a fictional character from the series Game of Thrones as President instead of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Ted Cruz.

Survey Monkey polled thousands of Americans on who they’d prefer as President, and Tyrion Lannister led the way with 24% of the vote, besting Hillary and Trump at 20% and 7% respectively.

The socialist senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, whose views of how the economy works is practically a work of fiction itself, holds his own by tying Lannister in the poll at 24%.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

The United States has spoken about who it wants as its new President: #VoteTyrion.

Yes, the mischievous Game of Thrones character pulled ahead of current real-life front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a new poll conducted by SurveyMonkey.

Among candidates based in bona fide Western Civilization and Westeros alike, Tyrion Lannister raked in 24 percent of the vote from the 2,045 respondents, tied with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Clinton sits at 20 percent, while the Queen of the Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, won 14 percent of voters over. Trump rounded out the top five at seven percent.

Tyrion’s support is truly bipartisan. While Sanders’ and Trump’s respective bases primarily lie with their party, liberals and conservatives make up an almost equal amount of the former Hand of the King’s constituents.

There is even a Facebook page that has cropped up titled Elect Tyrion Lannister President, in which Lannister satirically complains that “Hilary Clinton spends too much time slaughtering her carrier ravens and not enough time on her wardrobe.”

Then there’s this gem of a quote from “Tyrion” about the two party system in America:

“Limiting yourself to a mere two parties, and the same ones at that, sounds dreadfully boring to me. It is my belief that the American people deserve far more parties than two. I believe the American people deserve all the parties they can handle.”

Still, respondents to the poll indicate that they prefer the U.S. form of government to that of the Seven Kingdoms by a three-to-one margin.

Comment: What does it say about the current political state that voters believe a fictional character would make a better President over our current crop of candidates?

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