New Gruber Video Surfaces: “I Helped Write It”


When he testified before Congress this week, Jonathan Gruber downplayed his involvement in drafting Obamacare legislation. But, another video of Gruber hyping his involvement has emerged. Dr. Gruber told students in Principles of Microeconomics at MIT that his role in drafting the healthcare albatross may cause him to be biased while lecturing on the topic.



“Full disclaimer, I am going to describe it objectively, but I helped write it. I’ll be objective. I’ll try to be objective, but just full disclaimer, I was involved in writing the legislation. So, there is some bias involved here.”

Multiple videos have emerged of Gruber saying the public was intentionally misled and the bill was fashioned in a “tortured” way to take advantage of the “stupidity” of the American voter. He said that if it were written transparently, the bill would never have passed.

After the videos began to emerge, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi denied Gruber’s importance in writing the legislation.  Pelosi at one point even denied knowing who Gruber was. Then video surfaced proving both of them lied.

Ironically, the man who helped write Obamacare and was paid millions of dollars to help implement it, may be the catalyst in its demise simply by being honest.

Will Gruber’s comments be the final straw for Obamacare? Please comment below.

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