This Video Proves Obama And Pelosi Lied About Gruber

The past week, multiple videos surfaced of Jonathan Gruber calling Americans “stupid” and outlining how the public was deceived in order to pass Obamacare.  Since this occurred, liberals who supported the bill have been running for cover.

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have denied the importance Jonathan Gruber had in crafting Obamacare. Pelosi even denied knowing who he was at all.  That was quickly proven a lie. Gruber has been paid over $6 million to consult on Obamacare.

Continued lies from the Administration and Democratic leadership reinforce Gruber’s claims they feel the public need to be misled regarding the President’s signature legislation.

American Commitment has a short video that combines the praise initially given to Gruber by Democrats, Gruber’s comments and then Democrats denying Gruber’s importance or influence on the bill.


With the favorability rating at only 37%, Obamacare is not popular with the American public.  Have you been satisfied with changes to your health insurance since Obamacare was implemented?

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