The UK Daily Mail has published leaked footage of  Minneapolis police taking the life of George Floyd on Memorial Day weekend in an incident that sparked nationwide protests and violence.

The footage came from one of the officer’s body cam and was apparently shown in court. It appears on the Daily Mail website and includes over eight minutes of the fatal encounter that has not been seen to date by the public.

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Friends of Floyd say having a gun pointed at his head was emotionally disturbing because he had a gun aimed at him in the past

A few new details have come about from the video. At the beginning of the encounter, police aim a gun at 46-year-old Floyd’s head as he sits behind the steering wheel of a parked car.

Though it is not clear why, Floyd is handcuffed and two people traveling with him are questioned. One person tells the police officers that Floyd was mentally or emotionally disturbed by having a gun aimed at his head because he had been shot in the past.

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Floyd’s murder has 2020 presidential election implications

Floyd resisted sitting in the police car after being led in that direction, telling the officers that he is claustrophobic. He then said his fateful words, “I can’t breathe,” right before he is put on the ground and a police officer’s knee pins down his neck.

Floyd’s death was protested nationwide leading to calls for police reform. These issues instantly became part of the 2020 presidential election.

Joe Biden continues to try to satisfy his party’s far left while refusing radical demands to “defund the police,” while Donald Trump has deployed federal troops to Portland, Oregon where violent riots  have persisted.