Never Trumpers Close Ranks After Pro-Impeachment Republican Gets Blasted By Trump As ‘Total Fool’

Liz Cheney Stands With Never Trumper Who Says Trump Is A 'Would Be Tyrant'
Cheney: Twitter Screen Shot Trump: Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 (CC BY-SA 2.0) Gage Skidmore 10/4/16

As the divide in the Republican Party continues to grow between those who support former President Donald Trump and those who do not, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) can always be counted on by the anti-Trump forces.

On Sunday, Cheney rushed to the rescue of Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC), after the latter was called on the floor by former President Donald Trump at a rally in the Palmetto State.

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Rallies That Still Draw Big Crowds

Trump held one of his signature rallies in Florence, South Carolina on Saturday. Despite rain and weather, thousands turned out to greet the former President. It was there that Trump, while talking about local candidates, called Rice “a total fool.”

“Right here in the 7th Congressional District, Tom Rice, a disaster. He’s respected by no one, he’s laughed at in Washington, he was never thought highly of in Washington.”

Rice was one of the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in 2020.

Trump’s rally was in part to support his endorsed candidates, who include Rice’s challenger, State Rep. Russell Fry

Following the rally, Rice released a statement that read,

“Trump is here because, like no one else I’ve ever met, he is consumed by spite. I took one vote he didn’t like and now he’s chosen to support a yes man candidate who has and will bow to anything he says, no matter what.”

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One Of Several Censured

Rice and Cheney have another thing thing in common, besides their disdain for the leader of their party. They have both been censured in their home states for their votes to impeach.

Rice was censured back in February by the South Carolina Republican Party for his impeachment vote. Cheney was not only censured by the Wyoming Republican Party, but in November, the party voted to no longer recognize her as a Republican.

A further similarity is that Trump has endorsed Republican primary opponents against both. 

Trump endorsed Rice’s opponent Fry in February. 

He made a rather curious endorsement against Cheney’s opponent, Harriet Hageman, last year. 

Hageman was once a very close ally of Cheney, even serving as one of her fundraisers. Hageman had referred to Trump as “racist and xenophobic” and was part of the Establishment GOP’s effort to deny Trump the Republican nomination in 2016.

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