‘The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Eviscerates Biden: World Leaders Would Never Have Dared To Ignore Trump’s Phone Calls

Daily Show host Trevor Noah slammed Joe Biden over reports that leaders in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) refused to take calls from the President.

Left-wing host of “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah, raised eyebrows when he slammed President Biden over reports that leaders in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) refused to take calls from the White House.

Noah suggested that under former President Donald Trump, nobody would have dared ignore such phone calls.

“Look, I know it’s hard to arrange those calls. You know, Riyadh is eight hours ahead, Biden is asleep by 4 p.m., it’s a narrow window to make it work,” Noah quipped.

“But still, that must have been really embarrassing for Biden. Can you imagine? He phones them and they don’t pick up?”

The Wall Street Journal reported on the alleged snub last week, adding that those countries did take calls from Russian President Vladimir Putin. The White House has denied those reports.

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Trevor Noah Rips Biden

Comedian Trevor Noah, after ripping Biden over his ‘bed time,’ pointed out that world leaders would not have treated Trump in a similar manner.

And he cited Trump’s unpredictable style – something that has triggered leftists for years now – as the reason he would never have been disrespected in such a manner.

“There is no denying that Saudi Arabia isn’t playing ball with Joe Biden,” Noah explained. “And you know what? You can say what you want, but this would have never happened to Donald Trump. Never.”

“No one was ever ignoring Donald Trump’s calls. ‘Cause if you ignored Donald Trump’s calls, you didn’t know how he would respond. Maybe he’d send an angry tweet, or maybe he’d just, like, ban your country from everything,” added Noah.

He pointed out the White House denials, something he said he “would do too” if something that embarrassing happened to him.

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Worth Asking the Question

While Trevor Noah is clearly taking the ‘Trump was unhinged,’ angle at least there is some level of understanding the former President may have been crazy like a fox when it came to foreign policy.

Putin never invaded another country during Trump’s four years in office, whereas he did under Biden and former Presidents Barack Obama and even George W. Bush – after Bush had launched massive wars in the Middle East.

Another comedian, Bill Maher, host of HBO’s “Real Time,” also openly wondered why Trump wasn’t trifled with by Putin in the way that Biden has been.

“If Putin thought Trump was really that supportive of him, why didn’t he invade when Trump was in office?” Maher asked.

“It’s at least worth asking that question if you’re not locked into one intransigent thought.”

Not only were Russia, North Korea, and China standing down during Trump’s four years in office, the former President was, on multiple occasions, announcing what once seemed impossible to imagine – peace deals in the Middle East.

President Trump truly embodied Ronald Reagan’s commitment to “peace through strength.”

Biden, meanwhile, is ushering in a new era of war through weakness.

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