Sen. Ben Sasse Joins List Of Anti-Trump Republicans Censured By Their Own Party

ben sasse censured

Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE), a vocal critic of former President Trump, was censured on Sunday by the Lincoln County, Nebraska Republican Party. Chairwoman Carol Friesen said that the vote on the measure was unanimous. 

The resolution to censure Sen. Sasse chastises him for “dismissing the legitimate concerns of Nebraska’s Secretary of State, Attorney General, and a huge majority of Republican voters regarding allegations of fraud in November’s presidential election.”

In addition to Lincoln county, other Nebraska counties who have passed similar resolutions include Hitchcock, Scotts Bluff, and Sarpy.

The Nebraska State Republican Central Committee will meet on Saturday to consider a resolution to censure.  

Sasse had been among a handful of GOP Senators who had objected to the challenges of electoral votes by Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO and Ted Cruz (R-TX). He went as far as to call Hawley’s actions “really dumbass.”

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The Beginning Of A Trend?

Ben Sasse is not the first Republican to face censure from the home crowd.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has also been censured by several county Republican committees and her state party in her home state of Wyoming for her vote to impeach former President Trump.

Also coming under fire at home, for his vote that the Senate is constitutionally allowed to hear the impeachment trial against a former President Trump is Bill Cassidy (R-LA), who was one of six Republican Senators to vote for hearing impeachment, even after he voted against it last week. 

Of the 10 House members that voted for impeachment, seven of them, including Cheney, already have primary challengers.

Could average Americans be trying to tell the folks they sent to Washington D.C. something?

Could be.

There has been much speculation over what Donald Trump may decide to do in his post-presidential life. Starting a third party has been on that list. 

In a report from The Hill, a new Hill/HarrisX poll finds that 64% of registered Republican voters would join a new political party started by Donald Trump. 

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A View From The Swamp

There are a lot of people on both the left and the right who are quick to talk about things that Donald Trump did as president.

“He lied, he started a riot,” and on and on.

Whether you agree with those accusations is not the point. What he did do, that even more people don’t like, is that he exposed the system that is really exists in Washington D.C.

And the people who don’t like it are exactly the same ones Americans sent to represent them in the nation’s capitol, Democrat and Republican alike.

Call it the old guard, call it the establishment, whatever it is, it is a group that not only seems aligned with each other regardless of party, but they are also aligned with each other against average Americans.

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Are Americans Waking Up?

Donald Trump exposed Democrats and Republicans for being one and the same, a “uniparty.” We send them to Washington, they go into the House or Senate and pretend to argue, then they all go out for drinks.

What’s missing? Carrying out the will of their constituents.

More Americans of all political stripes are seeing a clear split between the Ben Sasse, Liz Cheney, and Mitt Romney types who delight in telling us, the great unwashed, how wrong we are for supporting an ogre like Donald Trump.

After all, they know better, and they are less and less afraid to convey that.

We already knew a long time ago that our representatives are no longer going to Washington to cast votes on behalf of we the people. They are casting votes for themselves. 

Liz Cheney said on a recent appearance on “Fox News Sunday” that Donald Trump “does not have a role as a leader of our party going forward.”

Newsflash Rep. Cheney: that is not for you to decide.

Ben Sasse put out a video addressing his fellow Nebraska Republicans. In it he said, “Personality cults aren’t conservative, conspiracy theories aren’t conservative, lying that an election has been stolen isn’t conservative, acting like politics is a religion isn’t conservative.”

Presuming to give people a litmus test on what is conservative isn’t conservative.

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