Representatives Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney responded to the escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine by criticizing their fellow Republicans and former President Donald Trump.

House Republicans on Tuesday tweeted an image of President Biden walking away from the podium and refusing to acknowledge questions during this time of crisis on the foreign stage.

“This is what weakness on the world stage looks like,” they captioned the photo.

Kinzinger, dropping any pretense that his credentials as a conservative have gone down the toilet solely because of his opposition to Trump, leaped to Biden’s defense.

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Kinzinger and Cheney Go After Trump, GOP

Kinzinger ripped into the House GOP for their “damn awful tweet” in the midst of a foreign policy crisis.

He then went full-Democrat by alleging that anyone pointing out the obvious weakness of President Biden does not bode well for strength in the region means you’re ‘puTiN’s PupPeTT.’

“You can criticize policy but this is insane and feeds into Putin’s narrative,” he replied. “But hey, retweets amirite?”

The irony in seeking retweets with his response rather than issuing a statement was apparently lost on the faux Republican from Illinois.

Cheney, meanwhile, stayed true to her obsession with the former President, choosing to focus not on Biden being outmaneuvered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the fact that Trump pointed out that Biden is being outmaneuvered by Putin.

In an interview with “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show” on Tuesday, Trump said Putin’s move to send troops into Ukraine under the guise of being peacekeepers was “genius” and “very savvy.”

Cheney responded that such commentary was aiding the enemy.

“Former President Trump’s adulation of Putin today – including calling him a ‘genius’ – aids our enemies,” she tweeted. “Trump’s interests don’t seem to align with the interests of the United States of America.”

Cheney declined to elaborate as to how the Ukraine/Russia crisis is in the interest of the United States but hey, retweets amirite?

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Never Trumpers Meeting to Discuss 2024

When they’re not siding with President Biden in his handling of the Russia dilemma, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are plotting how to stop Trump in 2024.

News surfaced earlier this week that ‘Never Trumpers’ are gathering to discuss the 2024 presidential race, a counter to the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC this weekend.

“In their ongoing attempt to sabotage former President Trump, a group of Never Trump Republicans will gather this week in Washington D.C.,” writes The Political Insider’s Becky Noble.

Kinzinger and Cheney will be joined by a who’s who of people whose perceived self-worth outweighs the reality of their value.

Former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol and retired Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman will reportedly be in attendance.

Imagine attending that party when CPAC is taking place in the sunny Free State of Florida.

CNN anchor Kasie Hunt echoed Kinzinger’s comments on Twitter suggesting it is the Republicans who are the true enemy in the Ukraine/Russia crisis.

“Official arm of House GOP as the US works to keep alliances strong and US influence at its peak,” she wrote referencing the Republican group’s tweet.

“Who is the enemy, exactly?”

Aside from Democrats masquerading as Republicans, one would be remiss in failing to point out the true enemy is, and always will be, the media.