Navy Veteran Arrested in Ricin Scare Targeting Pentagon, Mattis

The suspect arrested for suspicion of sending the toxin ricin to the Pentagon and Secretary of Defense James Mattis has been identified. William Clyde Allen III, a Navy veteran, was arrested in Utah.

Two envelopes mailed to the Pentagon earlier this week tested positive in a screening center for a hazardous substance, initially believed to be Ricin. The substance ended up being castor seeds, from which ricin is derived (but the seeds themselves aren’t hazardous). The envelopes were addressed to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and the Navy’s top officer Adm. John Richardson. According to the Washington Examiner, “A U.S. Navy veteran in Utah was arrested Wednesday in connection with suspicious envelopes that were sent to President Donald Trump and top military chiefs. William Clyde Allen III, 39, was taken into custody in in the small northern Utah city of Logan.”

The suspect has previously been charged in a child sex-abuse case involving two girls, and had a protective order filed against him in a separate case that year. He’s also pleaded guilty to attempted aggravated assault and served two and a half years in prison.

While both sides of the political spectrum have their share of crazies, it’s obvious which side they’re more plentiful on. For whatever extremism exists on the political Right, the Republican establishment isn’t actively encouraging violence. The same can’t be said about the Democrat establishment today. Maxine Waters openly brags about threatening Trump supporters, and Cory Booker encourages his supporters to “get up in the face” of Trump supporters.

It’s unclear so far if this crime was politically motivated, but people listen to the hype. Even before the recent wave of Republican politicians being harassed at restaurants, or having their home addresses published, it was only a little more than a year ago Steve Scalise was shot, and Rand Paul was viciously assaulted by his neighbor. Liberals will speak out against Trump’s supposedly “violent rhetoric,” but not against their own.

It’s not hyperbolic to say that the Left’s rhetoric truly is going to get someone killed. It would’ve already gotten Steve Scalise killed if it weren’t for a miracle, and he wasn’t the gunman’s only target. The Left’s rhetoric has only escalated since the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. Not content with simply branding their enemies “Nazi’s,” the Left is desperate to portray their opposition as apologists for sexual assault as well.

This news coincides with charges being filed against Jackson Cosko, a Democrat side on Capitol Hill who is facing five federal charges for maliciously publishing the private information of GOP senators online during last week’s hearings with Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh.

This is what we’re up against in the age of hysteria we live in. Gone are the days in which conservatives can naively dismiss their political opponents as good people who simply have different ideas on how to achieve the same common end. These people want war.

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