A former Speaker of the House and now irrelevant voice of losers, Nancy Pelosi, has done the unspeakable. Pelosi has decided to disrespect the office of the President, and the man residing it, by refusing to call him President.

How childish is that? Expect the rest of the blind mice underneath her wing to perform the same disrespectful action whenever they get a chance to speak in front of the cameras. That’s a great way to show kids in social studies and civics classes how to treat the leader of the free world.

The Democrat Party hasn’t been able to cope with the presidential loss in November. Some of their younglings have created an anarchist movement called Antifa, which as been causing fights, starting fires at Starbucks, of all places. The Black Lives Matter movement which was underneath the party has targeted police across the nation over the last three years. And now, Pelosi gives them another battle cry of not recognizing Trump as President.

Source: NTKNetwork

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that it’s hard for her to call Donald Trump “president” during a discussion with the Commonwealth Club of California on Tuesday.

Scott Shafer, the Senior California Politics Government Desk at KQED asked Pelosi why she doesn’t call President Trump “president.”

“It’s hard,” Pelosi responded before breaking into laughter.

Pelosi then explained to Shafer the disappointment she experienced when Hillary Clinton failed to win the presidency.

However, when Republicans refused to call Barack Obama “president,” there was considerable media outrage.

Watch this here:

What did you expect from a loser and leader of losers. This woman is now leading her congressional flunkies to follow her lead and not even call President Trump by the name the people elected him to serve.

I have a confession to make actually, I don’t call Barack Obama “President” either. I didn’t use the term while he was in office and I won’t while he’s outside. That was my protest but I am not the Minority Leader in Congress and I never told my radio listeners not to call Obama “President.”

We should never stop wanting our so-called leaders to act like leaders. Whether we vote them in or out of office.

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