Rep. Nancy Pelosi has never called for President Trump to be impeached.

I know that’s a strong statement to make, and some of you might not believe it, but it’s true, I checked. What happens is, she gets her henchwoman, Maxine Waters, to do her dirty work for her, but she’s never asked for the impeachment of the President.

When she’s asked the question point blank, it’s like a trigger word for confusion and babbling. Pelosi doesn’t know where to go or how to respond. Maybe she’s trying to carefully put words together so she isn’t recorded saying it and having it haunt her for the rest of her career.

In the video below, she said she was “happy to answer it,” but quickly changed direction leaving the reporters looking at each other with the “what just happened?” look.

Source: NTK Network

A reporter asked Pelosi if she supported removing Trump from the presidency after Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) joined a growing chorus of Democrats trying to impeach Trump.

“I thank you for your question. I’m happy to answer it, but I was hoping we could focus first of all on infrastructure,” Pelosi said.

The House Minority Leader then spent a couple minutes seemingly listing every infrastructure project that the American federal government had ever undertaken.

She emphasized the need to build up the nation’s infrastructure while touting the Democrats’ new, much-maligned slogan, “A Better Deal.”

Pelosi never answered whether she supported impeaching Trump.

If you were the reporter, nine times out of 10, you would ask a follow-up question. But I don’t know if she could take that one. Pelosi and the Democrats have their perfect storm right now. They are attacking President Trump over his Charlottesville comments, they are attacking Trump’s policies, and they are shutting down his attempts to fill his Administration with nominees.

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