Louisiana flood
Floods have been ravaging Louisiana, especially the Baton Rouge area, with 4 dead and 10,000 rescued as of late Sunday night.

It is treacherous out there, and one woman who was trapped in a sinking car narrowly escaped certain death when a boat found her!

After an attempt to smash open the windows failed, rescuer David Phung jumped onto the sinking car to tear the cloth roof off the convertible. With the car completely submerged, he was able to grab the woman’s arm and finally pull her up to the surface. The woman screamed for her dog and said she was going back for it, but after people on the boat told her the dog’s gone, Phung pulled the dog up, too.

There is no doubt David Phung is a bonafide hero, risking his life to save others!

Watch the incredible rescue video below:

Share this amazing video and please send your prayers to those affected by the floods in the South!

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