Murders Soar in Three U.S. Cities — What They Have in Common Is Frightening!


During his ‘Talking Points Memo,’ Fox News host, Bill O’Reilly, addressed growing violence across several Democrat-led cities in the United States, saying liberals’ “permissive attitudes” are the primary reason for the uptick in shootings and homicides.

O’Reilly claims that while “the grievance industry concentrates on police officers shooting black citizens,” reality dictates that the bigger problem is “criminals shooting Americans” in general.

He went on to cite some staggering statistics about Baltimore, home of the racially motivated Freddie Gray prosecutor Marilyn Mosby. The Political Insider recently reported those same statistics – a 60% increase in non-fatal shootings, and from the time of Freddie Gray’s arrest, murders have more than doubled in Baltimore – from 15 last year to 33.

O’Reilly wasn’t finished there, however. He noted that 47 Americans were killed in Chicago in the month of May alone, with most of those being black-on-black crimes. And he hit New York City as well, where murders are up 15%.

What is the common thread in all of these cities?

Via Fox News Insider:

O’Reilly noted that “Democrats run the show” in Baltimore, Chicago and New York City.

“And their permissive attitudes toward public policy are the primary reason violence is up and social order is down,” he stated. “Unless the nation somehow begins to understand that strict policing is necessary to protect lives, this violent trend will continue.”

Watch O’Reilly take on liberal policies and violence in his memo below …

O’Reilly did go on to explain that police shootings are indeed on the rise, but quantified that by stating 80% of those shot were carrying weapons themselves.

He added that race has not been a factor. While police shootings are up, half of them involve whites while the other half involved minorities.

Are liberals and their permissive policies creating a rising tide of violence in cities across America?

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