What This Shooting Suspect Does in Front of a News Camera Is Outrageous (WATCH!)



Wherever would this guy get the notion that faking an injury would immediately put police officers on the defensive and possibly lead to a brutality case down the line? Oh that’s right — Marilyn Mosby, President Obama, Al Sharpton, and on and on.

A Baltimore man arrested on suspicion of shooting five people – one fatally – was being escorted away by police when he spotted a news camera. Almost immediately, the suspect, who had been walking just fine up until that point, collapsed to the ground and started screaming about his back.

Via The Blaze:

A Baltimore man arrested in connection to the shooting of five people, one fatally, in East Baltimore on Wednesday was captured on video collapsing to the ground while in handcuffs — seemingly right after he spotted a news camera.

“My back! My back!” the suspect started screaming.

The man’s condition was unclear, but viewers immediately accused the suspect of attempting to fake the injury. WMAR-TV’s anchor also noticed that the man went to the ground after seemingly seeing their camera on the scene.

He eventually got back up and was loaded into a police vehicle.

Watch video of the man’s arrest below …

Note the news anchor’s reference to Baltimore as a war zone now, with people feeling empowered to commit crimes because they know the police force has to walk on eggshells. And now, as this video demonstrates, even after being caught the criminals are trying to set police officers up.

It’s no wonder the city of Baltimore has turned into a war zone considering the actions and advocacy taken by DA Marilyn Mosby in the Freddie Gray case.

Don’t believe us?

Murders in Charm City have spiked this year – standing at 100 compared to 71 over the same timeframe the previous year. Non-fatal shootings have also risen by 60%, with a majority of the fatal variety occurring in the same district where Freddie Gray was arrested. From the time of Gray’s arrest, murders have more than doubled in Baltimore – from 15 last year, to 33.

Additionally, officers are being hindered at nearly every turn. Police Commissioner Anthony Batts claims crowds are gathering at crime scenes, preventing officers from doing their jobs and hoping they too will catch them in an alleged act of brutality.

Sheriff David Clarke explained that the police force has not quit on the city, but “self-initiated policing” is dropping off because they’ve been thrown under the bus. He said they quit on their Commissioner, who called police the “problem” following the riots.

Former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman also spoke with Megyn Kelly about what is going on in Baltimore, and concurred with Clarke.

“They’re not holding back – they’re being very cautious about following all the rules. They know nobody’s got their back in the city government, their own police chief’s going to throw them under the bus – so they’re doing everything by the book – they’re answering the radio calls and they’re making no proactive stops. They’re not getting out and shaking people down, wondering what people are doing, searching people – looking for guns, drugs — they’re basically just answering the calls for service,” Fuhrman said. “And this is exactly what the city government gets. They get a police department that answers the cat in the tree call – and that’s it.”

Kelly would go on to add that cops have to worry about every aspect of their jobs for fear that basic policing could lead to “charges of false arrest, false imprisonment, and the loss of their freedom.”

Video of the above shooting suspect shows exactly that.

Ironically, since Mosby claimed to hear the violent protesters cries of “no justice, no peace” by indicting the police officers, there has been far less peace in Baltimore.

All lives matter. Does the DA have blood on her own hands now?

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