Mueller Report Exonerating Trump Won’t Be Enough – Dems Will Make Up Anything

It’s important to remember that virtually all of the documents requested during the Benghazi hearings were blacked out, something in the order of 75 percent of the text. Since the Democrats were okay with that, they likewise should be fine with it on the Mueller report, but that’s not what today’s world is all about.

The Democrats are on the attack before the Thursday Mueller investigation report is even being released. They are so blinded by their hatred of Trump they can’t see straight. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if they had an agenda to move our country forward rather than base their entire philosophy on one word — HATRED!

Attorney General William Barr announced on Monday the report would be released on Thursday with redactions. Democrats and the opposition media don’t like that idea.

No matter what report the Democrats see, redacted or word for word, they’ll cry foul and make a fuss over it. If Mueller said Trump should be indicted and Trump’s defense was that he didn’t release the full report including surveillance methods and 3rd party private information, how weak would that argument be? Let’s hold Democrats to the same standards.

In the end, taxpayers will have spent millions, graft in government will finally be exposed (as though Americans have never known it happened), and our so-called government will again be effectively shut down amid the crying and gnashing of Democrats.

It’s funny to hear people say the GOP investigated Hillary because the reality is she was investigated by people that supported her and aided her. These are the same people/institutions that are investigating all the Trump things. They were soft on Hillary because they wanted her to win. They have been attacking Trump non-stop because he won instead of her and they want to bring him down or in the very least keep him from making the changes he promised. There is a very real double standard at play, and it’s not hard to see.

The Mueller investigation and the countless probes by Congress should be appalling to all Americans. It throws out the notions that our justice system is based on. Innocent until proven guilty, and the rule of law, is based on the investigation of crimes, not of people. What is happening now is that they are investigating until they find something they can prosecute. How many of any of us could withstand the full, endless probing by the Federal government?

The federal government needs to deep dive investigations on all members of Congress and their staffs starting with high school and through the present AND publish the results to the general public can fully understand who they voted for!

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