MSNBC’s Joy Reid Says Those Mad About Obama’s Maskless Birthday Bash Are Just Angry They Weren’t Invited

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Over the weekend, the former President Barack Obama held a massive birthday bash for himself in celebration of his 60th birthday.

Afterwards, photos and videos emerged of Obama and his star-studded guests dancing the night away maskless in a packed tent despite the spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19.

Backstory: Obama Dances The Night Away With No Mask At 60th Birthday Party

Many accused Obama and his liberal followers of hypocrisy for having no issue with this event taking place. MSNBC host Joy Reid, however, was quick to rush to Obama’s defense by claiming that those who are upset by this maskless party are just mad because they were not invited.

Reid Speaks Out

“I feel like the people tweeting #ObamaVariant with the most frantic rage are mostly mad that their unvaccinated, spurned by the culture arses would never, ever-ever get invited to a party at that level,” Reid wrote in a Twitter rant.

“Also my guess is they’re cool with with the unvaxxed & unmasked at Sturgis and would run to Mar-a-Lago and trip and fall on the way there, get up and keep stumble-running to Palm Beach to be in an unvaxxed, maskless mixer with their Golden Calf, his weird kids and all the COVID droplets available to share,” she added. “Just some thoughts on this Sunday.”

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Reid Hit With Backlash

Unfortunately for Reid, however, social media users were quick to fire back at her.

“Liberal coastal elite are so much cooler than the people in fly-over,” tweeted immigration lawyer Matthew Kolken. “Of course we are jealous. I mean, who wouldn’t want to party with cultured and sophisticated celebrities especially if they cyberbully white girls? Parenthetically, write any homophobic diatribes lately?”

“Left-liberals spent a full year relentlessly COVID-shaming anyone who went outside (unless for liberal protests) or questioning Fauci,” added journalist Glenn Greenwald. “But now that their icons threw themselves an opulent indoor maskless party, they announce that only pettiness or jealousy would make you notice.”

“According to @JoyAnnReid, if you find anything distasteful or noteworthy about Obama throwing himself a gigantic maskless indoor party at his $12 million weekend estate — as restrictions intensify — it just means you’re an unsophisticated, poor loser, angry you weren’t invited,” he continued.

The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze.

This piece was written by James Samson on August 10, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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