MSNBC’s Joy Reid Mocks Ungrateful Americans Who Give Biden Low Approval Numbers

Joy Reid Implies Biden's Low Approval Shows Americans Are Ungrateful For Stimulus Checks

On Monday, MSNBC host Joy Reid mocked Americans for not giving President Joe Biden better approval ratings, saying they must be upset they already spent their stimulus checks distributed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Reid made her remarks during a discussion with left-leaning historian Michael Beschloss on her show “The ReidOut.”

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Reid: ‘I guess they spent the whole $2,000 and now they’re not happy anymore’

Reid said of an ABC News poll that showed Biden only received a 41 percent approval number, “I hate to really dwell on polls because they’re ephemeral and at this point in many of their presidencies a lot of presidents faced a crisis of public confidence, and Joe Biden faces a massive ongoing COVID nightmare that is harming his numbers. His numbers are pretty low right now.”

“There are also a lot of Americans who despite having gotten the shots and checks are still telling pollsters that he’s accomplished nothing or almost nothing, which I find amazing.”

Then Reid brought up the stimulus checks.

“I guess they spent the whole $2,000 and now they’re not happy anymore,” Reid said. “Does this matter? Should we think about this in terms of those polling numbers?”

Of course, Biden didn’t send out $2,000 checks. He famously sent out $1,400 stimulus checks. The $2,000 figure comes from adding a second $600 stimulus check sent during the Trump administration.

It was a point of contention in the aftermath of the election.

The shots, of course, refer to the vaccine developed under President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

Biden supporter Beschloss said that with the newly passed infrastructure law, and if Biden can pass his multi-trillion Build Back Better bill, maybe it will help the economy and also Democrats in the 2022 midterm election.

One Twitter user appreciated Reid being so honest about stimulus checks being used primarily to buy voters.

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Reid Making Headlines

The far-left Reid also recently made headlines after the Democrats’ collapse in Virginia, where she blamed the results on racism. 

Her website blamed “months of conservative attacks on nonwhite educators” and made other outlandish claims, like this:


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