Democrats, Media Have Meltdown Over Election Loss In Virginia – Blame White Voters

Democrats and the media had a collective meltdown over the Virginia election results, ultimately pointing the finger of blame squarely at white voters.

While Republicans voted in part knowing that issues are what matters in this country, dismissing an unserious racial divide being consistently promulgated by Democrats and the media, the left strongly indicated they would learn nothing from the results.

A significant portion of analysis on left-leaning networks shows there is no blame for President Biden’s many failures, or the Democrat Party’s candidates proposed agenda which doesn’t align with voter values.

It’s not the economy. It’s not inflation or supply chain concerns. It’s not far-left educators brainwashing children.

No, the real problem is the ignorant white voter, according to the liberal media.

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Media Blames White Voters For Democrat Election Losses

The media aren’t overly exuberant about relinquishing their grip on the narrative that racism in America is rampant. They went with the race card almost immediately after it became clear that Democrats were going to suffer crushing defeats in Virginia.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid was the biggest victim of white voters in the election, repeatedly lashing out at white parents and white voters.

With parents voting against McAuliffe for his ill-advised comments about how parents shouldn’t have a role in what schools teach their kids, Reid decided educational concerns were actually a ‘racist dog-whistle.’

Education, she said, is “code for ‘white parents don’t like the idea about teaching about race.'”

Reid didn’t stop there. On her Reidout Blog, a column blames Republicans for effectively messaging “months of conservative attacks on nonwhite educators” and denouncing “lesson plans discussing racism and inequality.”

The headlines on her blog also show disdain for white voters affecting school board races.

“Republicans have hitched their political prospects to mostly white, conservative anger at school officials,” they fret.


Another column discusses how Virginia flipped Republican due to “white ignorance.”

“The Youngkin campaign discovered that this contingent of angry, willfully ignorant white people was the key ingredient needed to elect a GOP governor in Virginia for the first time since 2009,” the column reads.

Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali declared the election shows “whiteness remains undefeated.”

Former Democrat presidential candidate Julian Castro accused Republicans of turning out the vote not over anger toward the Biden agenda, but suggesting they “launder(ed) dog whistles through huge unregulated platforms.”

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Democrats Distraught

The problem with the ‘white voters are to blame for the election’ narrative is that it isn’t even vaguely true. 

Yes, white women, according to results, did shift toward the Republican candidate in the 2021 election. But they also helped Biden win Virginia just 12 months ago. In other words, they’re a lot of the same people.

Somehow, they weren’t racist in 2020 when they cast their votes. But they are now!

And were white voters simply pushing their own ‘racist’ politics by delivering a victory to conservative Winsome Sears, who will become the first female and black woman to hold the office of Lieutenant Governor?

Were white voters being racist when they helped propel Republican Jason Miyares to victory in his race for Attorney General, becoming the first Latino to hold the office?

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If Democrats and their media lapdogs want to continue losing elections, they should continue to demonize white voters as racists, tell them that Critical Race Theory isn’t a real thing, and that the biggest threat in America today is white supremacy.

That messaging is a recipe for further disaster in the midterms.


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