MSNBC’s Joy Reid Compares Trump To Hitler, Says Media Treated Both As Jokes Until It Was Too Late

On Monday, MSNBC host Joy Reid made another comparison of President Donald Trump to genocidal Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, saying that the media dismissed Adolf Hitler as a joke and “we’re seeing a similar pattern emerge when it comes to the threat” of former President Donald Trump.

It’s not the first time Reid made this comparison.

Reid made her remarks on her show “The ReidOut.”

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Reid: ‘The truth is this country doesn’t have a great track record of recognizing authoritarians’

Reid said on her program, “Let not forget the many who laughed at Donald Trump back in 2016 and even after he was elected.”

Reid claimed that the fair and free election of Trump in 2016 was somehow part of a “backsliding democracy.”

“Thanks to four years of Trump, this is a backsliding democracy, according to an international think tank. And that’s no joke,” Reid said. “The truth is this country doesn’t have a great track record of recognizing authoritarians for what they are, at least not until it’s too late.”

The MSNBC host then pointed to Smithsonian Magazine to support her point.

“According to Smithsonian Magazine, Benito Mussolini was a darling of the American press,” Reid observed. “American papers credited Italian fascism with saving Italy from the far left and revitalizing the economy.”

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Reid On Trump And Hitler: ‘We’re seeing a similar pattern emerge when it comes to the threat Trump’s big lie’

Then she noted how the media initially treated the rise of Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler.

“Similarly, Adolf Hitler was dismissed as a joke, a nonsensical stretcher of wild words according to Newsweek at the time,” Reid said. “American press outlets predicted Hitler would be outplayed by traditional politicians or would become more moderate.”

“In other words, they got it wrong, badly wrong,” Reid said. “Now fast forward to the current day, and we’re seeing a similar pattern emerge when it comes to the threat Trump’s big lie.”

It’s not the first time the MSNBC darling made the comparison

In 2019, during a segment bizarrely complaining about Mitch McConnell pushing a “white nationalist agenda,” Reid pointed out that the New York Times failed to recognize the danger of Hitler. 


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