MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims Republicans Stopped ‘Caring Whether Or Not Kids Get Sick’

On Monday, MSNBC’s Joy Reid said that Republicans in states where COVID-19 cases were surging stopped “caring whether or not kids get sick,” using GOP opposition to vaccination and mask mandates as her examples.

She singled out Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for derision.

The MSNBC host made her comments on her show “The ReidOut”

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Reid: ‘I Thank God Every Day That I Was Able To Get My Kids To New York’

Reid said, “I don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels like these days we’re seeing a lot of discussion around what rabid COVID deniers are thinking and feeling.”

“But what about the people who have no choice and no voice in the matter, namely kids?” Reid added. “When did we stop caring whether or not kids get sick?”

“Why are their needs secondary to the needs of anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers?” she asked.

The MSNBC personality then focused on kids returning to school as the summer ends.

Reid said, “Thousands of kids under age 12 are heading back to school unvaccinated because the food and drug administration has not approved emergency use authorization for their age group.”

“Sadly we’re now seeing an uptick in COVID pediatric cases as the Delta variant continues to spread,” Reid observed.

“According to the CDC, at least 81 children died of COVID in the U.S. between March and July of this year,” she added. “Normally kids dying would be a five-alarm fire in America or anywhere around the world.”

Reid went on, “I thank God every day that I was able to get my kids to New York.”

Reid: ‘I Wish Both Sides Of This Debate Cared Equally About Kids’

Shen then focused on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Reid said of her own children, “You know, they grew up in Florida. If we were still there, I would be terrified to send my three kids, who are now grown too, back to school in a state where Ron DeSantis is saying he will fine teachers and school board members for defying his ban on mask mandates.”

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“So what he’s saying is the school will not be allowed to be a COVID-free space,” Reid said. “There will be no COVID-free spaces for children in Florida, period. they have to be allowed to be exposed to it.”

She concluded, “I wish both sides of this debate cared equally about kids, but that is unfortunately not the case.”


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