MSNBC’s Ali Velshi recently argued that you can’t favor or disfavor Republicans and Democrats based on inflation.

Velshi made his remarks as a guest host on a recent broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Last Word.”

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Velshi: ‘You can’t make your decision about that between Republicans and Democrats’

Velshi was arguing that the Republican Party is illegitimate, allegedly for “not believing in democracy.” 

Velshi then addressed inflation in particular, seeming to say it is something Americans should ignore when choosing between Republicans and Democrats.

“I would never — as an economy guy, I would never diminish the effect of inflation and rising prices on how people make their decisions, except in this moment in America, you can’t make your decision about that between Republicans and Democrats,” Velshi claimed.

He continued, “Because, to Jonathan’s point, one party is — sort of operates within the bounds of an agreed-upon democracy and the other party continues to embrace conspiracy theories, and to some degree, Donald Trump.”

To the casual listener, it sounds like Velshi is saying that voters shouldn’t be concerned about the economy, because Republicans are trying to “destroy” democracy. 

But, as any observer of politics knows, voters care about the economy. As the legendary Democrat strategist James Carville famously said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” 

And Joe Biden’s economy isn’t looking so hot.

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Velshi Has Been An Outspoken Progressive For Many Years

Anti-Trump Democrats across the board have long argued that former President Donald Trump has been a threat to democracy in the United States, typically following partisan lines about what those “threats” actually mean, with anything on the Republican agenda usually being a target, and anything on the Democratic agenda that is targeted by Republicans also being included in that conversation.

Velshi has been a long time outspoken progressive and has worked for the left-leaning cable outlet MSNBC since 2016.


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