MSNBC Scarborough Says Trump Reminded Him Of Offensive Character From Austin Powers Movie

With all the baggage that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has in his backyard, you wouldn’t think that he would be trying to start a verbal spat with President Trump.

However, I guess with the ratings problem his show has, his attempt to gain more viewers on Friday morning, who likely tuned in for such predictable and low-hanging commentary, was a feeble one at best. Maybe he feels  Trump will stop what he’s doing so that there can be a war of words and Scarborough can play the victim.

The game is old and this feckless television host really needs a friend. Scarborough thought he was a comedian by comparing Trump to Mike Myers’ movie character ‘Fat B*****d’ from the second Austin Powers movie. The failed radio host talked about Trump walking around the stage during his Thursday night rally in Cinncinatti.

Scarborough: “He was sort of walking across the stage, sniffing, you know how he does. breathing it all in. Willie, he sort of — he had this thing down that he’s actually amping up his on-stage performances.”

Scarborough: “He reminded me at times of the Fat Bastard, it’s a character. It’s a character in ‘Austin Powers’. And he’s sniffing and looking around, he’s saying, ‘Thank you, thank you.’ I thought he was going to say ‘Get into my stomach’ at one point, He’s just really starting to take on this role of Dear Leader. And you can see it last night more than usual. He’s amping it up. He’s amping his audiences up, amping up his racial attacks and the demagoguery.”


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The left will keep on using their time to poke fun or verbally attack Trump to justify not covering the major wins this administration is giving us. The Commander-in-Chief is not perfect, but he is definitely not as bad as what the media is portraying. They are STILL angry that Bill Clinton was impeached and Hillary Clinton didn’t win the election in 2016.

No matter how much they look stupid, they will continue going after the President until they are satisfied, which is why we all have to continue fighting and shutting down their narratives. Call out Scarborough and his warped friends every time you get a chance, but don’t forget to share the message of conservatism and how it and it alone will take this country to new heights.

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