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Mom Is In a Big Pickle… So She Asked the Internet for Help!

broken dishes advice

This Taiwanese stay-at-home mom posted a photo on Facebook of an “impossible to open” cupboard and asked the internet for a helpful solution.

As you can see, she’s in a huge pickle! If she just opens the cabinet door, everything will fall and smash to pieces.

This was the translated caption describing her situation:

A cupboard that can never be opened,’ – read the caption. Of course, you can never throw words like ‘never’ online because soon after posting, the army of kind-hearted internauts came pouring in (16,000 reactions and 456 comments) to help this lady with getting her plates to safety.

BoredPanda.com translated a few of the best advice from the viral post:

1. Build an identical house next to your existing house with only one difference; the plates would be on the shelf. Then delete the old house.

2. Flood the house, then open the cupboard without any risk!

3. Go to Kamar-Taj, see The Ancient One, be a sorcerer, find The Eye of Agamotto, reverse or stop time, arrange back, and you’re done!

4. Sell it to the museum and name it the “Frozen in Time” series.

5. Try switching it off then switching it back on again.

6. Open the door just a tiny bit and fill the whole thing with expanding foam.

7. Tape the cupboard with scallop tape, then leave it for your grandchildren to deal with; or save it as a future dowry for your daughter.

8. Try Ctrl + Z… this will work.

9. Easy, seal the kitchen windows and doors from the outside, go upstairs cut a hole in the kitchen sealing ceiling, run the bath and let it over flow, once the kitchen has filled with water, get your budgies smugglers on, a snorkel, and little bit of a swim you’ll be able to retrieve all the plates. Boom.

10. Open a bottle of wine. Have a drink. Wait for a husband to come home. Start a random argument out of nothing. Go to the kitchen. Ppen the door and let it smash. Blame it on the husband – he’ll apologize and buy a whole new set of plates.

These are OK, but as for me? I don’t know. I sat back reading some of these and thinking and thinking, and there is no good solution. I wouldn’t wish this predicament on you or my mother. She might have to work up some kind of contraption she can slip through the door… or she might have to give up forever and buy new plates!

Hopefully, this mom finds a peaceful resolution.

Let me know below in our comment section how you would deal with this situation without crashing any of the dishes. Share this on your Facebook/Twitter page.