Most Americans Just Want To Have A Good Life And A Sanders Presidency Endangers That

What some fail to admit is that a Bernie Sanders’ revolution only represents a minority of the Democratic Party, let alone the entire electorate.

Bernie keeps talking about the history-making, a record turnout that would take him to victory in a general election. Even the Democrats admit there is no evidence that this would ever happen.

Almost everything Sanders and Elizabeth Warren proposed (Medicare for All, Green New Deal, student loan forgiveness, free college, etc.) takes money and resources away from older folks and redistributes it to younger folks. Is it any surprise, then, that younger voters love them and older voters hate them? The main problem for them is that there are more people over 45 than between 18 and 45, and these older folks have a much higher propensity to vote.

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Armchair millennials were all up for the free things on the offing being offers by Sanders and Warren. Having to rise from the armchair and get to a polling place is an entirely different issue altogether.

If you want to get to the crux of the situation, a Sanders’ presidency wouldn’t give anyone free college, Medicare for All, or eliminate fossil fuels. Even with majorities in both houses of Congress, he wouldn’t be able to pass any of his aggressive ideas. It’s not just Republicans that oppose his ideas, a majority of Democrats in Congress do too.

Most voters just want to have a good life. Be healthy first, then have some money, be able to retire well, and put kids through college. They don’t want to be taxed to death. They want the market to go up, and they want a good job and home. It is all about the economy and health. Sanders is the opposite of that idea and is dangerous to the future of this country if elected to lead it.

It was one of those things that these armchair millennials thought was fun to talk about, but in the end, it was nothing more than a novelty. With the millennial attention span of two seconds, Bernie’s old news by election day. “You mean I have to like get in a car and stand in line to like vote and stuff? No way, man, what is this? The 80’s?”

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This revolution is not wanted. Now, a Constitutional revival is another thing altogether and is badly needed. We need to get back on the Constitutional path and dismiss all calls to undermine our nation’s foundation.

The media sure loved these people until they broke up with them for an older man. When you make huge, impossible promises to the non-productive with no possible way to pay for any of them, eventually reality sets in. Meanwhile, those of us who have saved, invested, and built something is promised the tab for the irresponsible choices of others. Someone in the party may have pointed this out, and now they are left with Joe. This is what occurs when the strategy is emotion-based.

If you want your job, your paycheck, your healthcare, or your child’s education in the hands of a guy who has never had a job, earned a paycheck, worked in healthcare, or taught a child, then vote for Bernie. He’s your guy. People have to remember even if Bernie is elected, he can’t do all those things himself. It takes cooperation from Congress, and hopefully, they won’t let us do something too outlandish.

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We can’t afford the Warren-Sanders’ vision for America. They would not just bankrupt the government but also every normal family.

At least we can be sure that this is the last time we will see Warren and Sanders making a bid for the nomination. I think they may have finally gotten the message.

The USA is NOT made up predominantly of liberals, but more of conservatives and moderates, which is why President Trump wins.

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