More Than Half of Americans Don’t Think Trump’s Ukraine Call Was Illegal or Wrong

A new poll reveals that about six out of every ten Americans – about 59 percent – believe President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine amount to acts “unethical but not illegal” or “nothing wrong” at all.

Between ‘unethical but not illegal’ and ‘nothing wrong’

As Trump’s actions have now led to an impeachment probe, a poll conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs released Friday, shows that 29 percent believe Trump’s interactions with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky are “unethical but not illegal.”

Meanwhile, 30 percent believe Trump did “nothing wrong,” and 38 percent believe Trump’s Ukraine judgment amount to “something illegal.”

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So if we are breaking it down: 59 percent of those surveyed say Trump’s Ukraine-linked actions are neither illegal (29 percent) nor wrong (30 percent).

When examined by party affiliation, not surprisingly more Democrats (69 percent) believe Trump’s actions were illegal compared to Republicans (eight percent).

Looking at Independents, nearly two-thirds (63 percent) believe Trump’s actions were “unethical but not illegal” (43 percent) or that the President did “nothing wrong” (20 percent).

How many Independents believe Trump’s actions were illegal? Only 27 percent.

Respondents overwhelmingly (80 percent) thought Trump had neither done something illegal (66 percent) nor wrong (14 percent).

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Will Impeachment Blow Up in Dems Faces?

While it’s not surprising that so many Americans aren’t buying into the Democrats’ phony Ukraine narrative, the perception that Dems are conducting a witch hunt against Trump could blow up in their faces come 2020.

Many Americans likely don’t believe the President did anything wrong because it isn’t exactly clear what that alleged wrongdoing is supposed to be. It’s confusing and too in the weeds.

But what is clear is one party is upset about what happened in the 2016 presidential election and ever since has been looking to oust the president belonging to the other party.

In other words, Democrats, ironically, have very little respect for actual democracy.

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Only One Poll Will Ultimately Matter

If Democrats insist on dragging on with this impeachment nonsense and continue their war against Donald Trump instead of focusing on actual issues and trying to get things done, which party do you think voters are going to look at more favorably come this time next year?

Keep it up Democrats. According to this poll, most Americans don’t think Donald Trump did anything wrong.

They might make the next statement in the biggest poll of all next year.

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