More Corruption In Baltimore! Mayor Takes Leave Of Absence After Pay To Play Scheme Exposed!

What’s that you say? Corruption in a Democrat Party stronghold? How can that be possible in the party of Bill Clinton and Che Guevara in a Pantsuit?

We need to send an impartial investigator like James Comey, Loretta Lynch or Robert Mueller to sort this out.

The Mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, has decided to take some time away from her office after it was learned she was part of a $100,000 pay-to-play scheme. Kaiser Permanente bought 20,000 of her books while seeking to get something in return. Another non-profit company also sent 80,000 dollars to Pugh for access.

If we could only excise the Inner Harbor, Roland Park, Johns Hopkins U., and the East Baltimore neighborhoods where the great Greek restaurants are from the rest of Baltimore City, we could let the remainder of Baltimore City drift on the tide out of the Inner Harbor, down the Chesapeake Bay, and out into the Atlantic, where it could sink and become the lost city of Baltimoris, adjacent to the other lost city, Atlantis.

The City of Baltimore is in decay since they elected Democrats for they are just the most corrupt.

Health provider Kaiser Permanente paid Pugh more than $100,000 to buy about 20,000 copies of her books during a period when the company was seeking a lucrative contract to provide health benefits to city employees.

And the nonprofit Associated Black Charities says it collected nearly $90,000 from five separate entities — including CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, another city insurer — to buy and distribute 10,000 copies of Pugh’s books, forwarding nearly $80,000 of that to Pugh’s company and pocketing the rest. (The Baltimore Sun)

Wait a minute? I need more info. There’s $180,000 involved here and 30,000 books. If she had to furnish 30,000 books there can’t be much money left over. So, did she get the $190k and they still had to pay for the books or did they pay $5 each for 20,000 books and $8 each for 10,000 books?

Which if the book is anywhere good was a bargain purchase. I mean look at Hillary’s multi-million dollar book advance and the garbage she turned out. I wonder if Pugh plans to take a long vacation (she’s made enough graft to pay for it) in a country without an extradition treaty with the US.

Baltimore has a horrible track record of electing trash. Maybe they should look for other qualities in a candidate besides the color of their skin. Also, can Baltimore also cancel the contracts related to Pugh and bring charges against the corporations?  It takes two to tango.

Baltimore deserves better on so many levels throughout all of the public service jobs to the politicians and law enforcement and to include public work jobs.  The city is getting worse while so many other places up and down the east coast are getting better.  It’s a shame what is happening here – I know that it is a resilient place, but it’s not recovering very well this time.

Message to all citizens! Get out of every Democrat run city and state. Democrats are just the party of death, and they are Socialist like Cuba government is what they want in DC

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