Months After Saying Illegal Aliens Are Good for the Economy, NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Declares State of Emergency

Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency due to "increased numbers of migrants" arriving in New York. The emergency declaration comes just months after she said illegal immigrants were good for her state's economy.
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Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency due to “increased numbers of migrants” arriving in New York. The emergency declaration comes just months after she said illegal immigrants were good for her state’s economy.

Hochul’s response comes as Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been busing illegal aliens to New York City where, in turn, Mayor Eric Adams has begun sending them to upstate locations.

It’s odd. The ‘sanctuary city’ doesn’t want them. And now the ‘sanctuary state’ feels they present an emergency situation.

Hochul’s declaration portrays the influx of illegal immigrants as a humanitarian crisis and notes local governments “lack the infrastructure, facilities, and resources necessary to meet the … demand to house and meet other basic needs of the large numbers of migrant arrivals.”

The increased number of illegal immigrants, Hochul states, “creat(e) a threat to health and safety, which could result in the loss of life or property.”

Imagine what border states or towns must be going through.

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Hochul Declares State of Emergency Over Illegal Immigrant Surge

Not only is Governor Kathy Hochul a grade-A hypocrite for declaring a state of emergency over the illegal immigrant surge, but she is also just a few months removed from having encouraged it.

Responding to Abbott’s move to spotlight the border crisis by busing illegal aliens to New York City, Hochul suggested New York could use the cheap labor.

“I just did a farm tour upstate New York. They’re begging for workers,” Hochul told reporters. “I walked the streets of Manhattan, I walked the streets of Albany — there’s help-wanted signs everywhere.”

She added, “We are a smart, thoughtful country, and can put aside everybody’s passions around this and say: ‘This is actually good for our economy.'”

Guess it’s not actually good for the economy anymore.

In her State of the State speech earlier this year, Governor Hochul failed to mention the illegal immigrant invasion because she felt it wasn’t important enough.

“In my State of the State, there’s hundreds of other proposals for talking about,” she dismissed. “I was focusing on my key signature areas that have broad, statewide interest — housing, mental health challenges, the childcare and the minimum wage.”

From not being important enough to even talk about to a disaster emergency in just four months. Stunning incompetence.

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Upstate NY Counties Fight Back

New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ efforts to ship illegal immigrants out of the Big Apple have been ongoing for months. The Political Insider reported in February that he had been busing illegal aliens to the frozen border of Canada.

The mayor’s administration was paying multiple companies to provide “re-ticketing” services to those who wish to relocate to other locations. Illegal aliens were provided “free bus tickets” (free means taxpayer funded) to Plattsburgh, New York, about 20 miles south of the Canadian border.

A spokesperson for Mayor Adams said at the time: “As we have said since the beginning of this crisis, our goal is (to) help connect asylum seekers who want to move to a different location with friends, family, and/or community and, if needed, re-ticket to help get people to their final destination, if not New York City.”

How many illegal aliens coming through South America have friends and family near the Canadian border?

Adams has since attempted to spread illegal immigrants throughout upstate New York. Those communities are revolting against the move.

Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin blasted Adams as a “failure.”

“Obnoxious Adams thinks he can dictate to other county leaders what is going to happen. I don’t answer to him,” he insisted. “He was incompetent as a Senator and he’s worse as Mayor.”

McLaughlin declared his own emergency declaring hotels in the city of Troy would be forbidden from entering into a contract to house illegal immigrants.

“Pick a different city picture other than Troy for your illegal invasion advertising,” McLaughlin tweeted responding to an informational guide from New York City calling for “four-month temporary housing options for asylum seekers” in upstate counties.

McLaughlin mocked Hochul’s emergency declaration.

“Hapless Hochul’s emergency order does nothing but spend billions to spread this illegal insanity throughout the state,” he claims. “Not a word from her to Biden about stopping this invasion because she is fully on board with it.”

It’s funny. This administration keeps suggesting they’re looking into the ‘root causes’ of illegal immigration. Yet they never look within. They never look at their own policies.

Officials in Rockland and Orange counties, two other locations Adams has targeted for shipments of illegal immigrants, have also declared states of emergency to fight back.

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