Things aren’t looking good for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

The former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice has been rocked in recent days by revelations that he pursued sexual relations with teenage girls. Republican leaders, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have demanded Moore drop out of the race. Senator John McCain, despite facing similar allegations back in 2008, has also called on Moore to drop his bid.

There’s no word yet on whether or not President Trump will ask Moore to step down, although one White House official hinted that Trump may end up standing by the embattled candidate.

If Moore does step down, it would imperil the Republican agenda in Congress. Right now, the GOP has a slim majority in the Senate – 52 senators. Losing Moore, who had a near-guarantee to win and keep the 52-member majority, would mean that McConnell would have only 51 senators to rely on. In an environment where Democrats are fired up, and won’t hesitate to resist anything Trump does, this could ruin all Republican initiatives in Congress.

But, McConnell just floated backup plan to keep his majority intact while still jettisoning Moore. It involves forcing Moore to resign and having Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whose Senate seat is being contested, to run a write-in campaign.

Here’s what he reportedly told the Wall Street Journal:

McConnell is, if anything, canny when it comes to politicking. This scheme isn’t guaranteed to work. But it may be the only way for the GOP to save face in the wake of Moore’s depraved behavior.

Sessions remains popular in Alabama, by virtue of him being senator from the state for decades. This could be the lifeline the Republicans need to extricate them from the whole Roy Moore mess.

What do you think? Should AG Jeff Sessions launch a write-in campaign to replace Roy Moore as the Republican Senate candidate? Should Moore stick to his guns and keep running? Tell us your thoughts below!

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