Minority Voters Flocking To The Republican Party In Record Numbers

The 2022 midterm elections may be a turning point for Democrats for a variety of reasons, but whether or not they pay attention to what is happening and why is a whole other story.

It’s no secret that America is becoming more and more politically divided, there is even a poll that says so.

But the gap between minority and white voters is getting a bit less pronounced. Will the Democrats bother to find out why?

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By The Numbers

CNN’s Harry Enten, who appears to be the only working journalist over at that outfit, noticed something interesting when looking at recent polls. Democrats only lead the GOP by 25 points among minority.

Most voters and pundits have a view that the GOP is entirely dominated by white voters, and the Democrats collect the vast majority of minority votes. That may not be true for very much longer.

In 2020 House elections, the gap between white and minority voters was 63 points. Now, less than two years later, it’s just 35.

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Bad News For Democrats On All Fronts

While roughly 70% of black voters still support Joe Biden and the Democrats, among other minority voters, those numbers go down considerably. Biden’s approval rating is down around 26% among Hispanic voters. And nowhere else is this better illustrated than in Texas in border congressional districts that are up for grabs in November.

Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) recently won a special election there, and two other Hispanic women are also GOP congressional candidates in border districts. The New York times recently telegraphed Democrats nervousness this trend has caused them. The headline to an article about Flores and candidates Monica De La Cruz and Cassy Garcia was titled, “The Rise of the Far-Right Latina.”

As the Biden administration throws open the U.S. southern border for millions of illegal immigrants in hopes that they will one day vote Democrat, the shift in voting trends may indicate that the open border policy could backfire on Democrats.

Democrats not only have trouble with black and Hispanic voters. Asian-Americans are also taking a second look at the GOP, just in time for November. A January poll showed Biden’s job approval rating with Asian-Americans down to 55%.

Discrimination in education, specifically in college admissions is an issue with Asians, who feel that their chance at merit-based admissions into not just colleges and universities, but some high schools is being sacrificed for “equity.” Increasing violence against Asian-Americans is also an issue. 

As congressional candidate Cassy Garcia recently stated, “the red wave is here.” 

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