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Mike Rowe Just PERFECTLY Destroyed Liberal Media Liars in a HUGE Way!

mike rowe
Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel’s popular TV show Dirty Jobs, just flipped a major mainstream media trope on its head.

In responding to a fan’s question about the media referring to Trump supporters as “uneducated white men,” Rowe said on Facebook:

[T]he words “uneducated white men” now appear in hundreds of articles about Trump. But if this is truly important information, where were these reporters four years ago? In the last election, an even greater majority of African-American males who voted for President Obama had no college on their resume. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall any headlines or articles that delved into Obama’s popularity among “uneducated black men.”


Another liberal media double standard. The only people it is acceptable – and even encouraged – to say anything remotely negative about is old, white men. If you say the same thing about anyone else it’s raaaaaaaaacist!

We all know that the phrase “uneducated white men” is a liberal dog whistle meaning stupid and racist.

The media is trying to paint all Trump voters as stupid, racist white males to shame everyone else into not wanting to be associated with that “other” group.

The answer is obvious – many in the press are looking for ways to impact the election. If a biased reporter can get away with labeling Trump supporters who didn’t graduate from college as “uneducated,” he can simultaneously imply that any ballot cast for Trump is the hallmark of an “uneducated” voter.

Now, there are many reasons not to support Trump and there are some very odious Trump supporters out there, but that is no reason for the media elites to insult Trump voters who don’t have much in the way of a formal education as stupid or ignorant. As Rowe says, “When exactly did a lack of college become synonymous with a lack of education?”

He goes on to champion the “thousands of apprenticeship programs, on-the-job-training opportunities, and all the other alternative educational options that have led so many people into so many successful careers.”

Closing the skills gap and making college more affordable is beyond my pay grade, but it seems like we could start by reminding the media that a college degree is not the only path to success. It’s well and good to promote higher education, but it’s crazy to suggest the most expensive road to enlightenment is the best path for the most people. And it’s equally nuts to pressure our kids to keep borrowing vast sums of money to become “educated” in careers that no longer exist.

On Dirty Jobs, I met hundreds of highly trained, highly intelligent, highly knowledgeable citizens who went on to prosper without the benefit of a university experience. These people should be congratulated, not used a pawns by reporters with a political agenda. I don’t care who you’re voting for – your college diploma – or your lack thereof – has nothing to do with the wisdom of your choice.

The media doesn’t just insult Trump fans, but also every successful, hardworking American who has made it without a college degree. Just another reason this has become such an anti-establishment, anti-elites election.

H/T: The Daily Caller

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