Mike Rowe Has Something To Say to College Student Who Supports Removing American Flag

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Frequent visitors to our site might recognize the name Daniel Vogel. Vogel is the liberal student from Hampshire College who supported the university’s decision to remove the American flag after protesters took one down and burned it. He also referred to police officers and Army veterans as ‘forces of oppression,’ and suggested his own parents used money made off the backs of slaves and Native Americans to pay for his schooling.

Why most readers will remember him however, is because Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed Vogel and turned him into a stuttering, stammering mess.

“If the police and the Army would go away,” Carlson predicted, “sensitive college students like you would be eaten alive.”

Now working-class hero Mike Rowe got wind of the interview and had something to say about the liberal student’s support of the flag being removed (that decision has since been reversed), and protesters’ desire to burn it in general.

Via Fox News Insider:

Former “Dirty Jobs” host and “Deadliest Catch” narrator Mike Rowe sounded off about Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with a Massachusetts college student who supported the removal of the American flag from his campus.

Old Glory was taken down from a flagpole and burned around Veterans’ Day and Daniel Vogel defended the flag’s removal to protest discriminatory behavior in America and to show his support for perceptively underprivileged workers.

“Nobody’s disputing the right to do any of this stuff,” Rowe said, asking rhetorically whether it was persuasive to desecrate a symbol that so many people care so much about.

Rowe has also previously blasted anti-flag protesters for viewing the American flag as a “mere symbol.”

“The thing about ‘mere symbols,'” he said, “is that they represent ‘mere ideas,’ and ‘mere ideas’ are the backbone of ‘mere humanity.'”

“In the case of the flag, we’re talking about ideas that are wrapped into the Constitution – a document that separates us from every other country on the planet.”

Rowe also indicated he is indeed patriotic when it comes to the American flag, something we respect him for immensely.

“I am a fan of the United States, the founding fathers, and the men and women who have served on my behalf,” he said.


Comment: How do you feel about liberal flag burners and their right to desecrate a symbol of our country? Share your thoughts below.

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